Friday, 1 January 2021

New Year, New Australian Anthem?

I read today with no prior indication that there has been a change to the Australian national anthem!

It took place on the 30th of December without any notice or public consultation, another 'Captains Call' by Prime Minister Morrison.  Here is the link to the proclamation signed by the Governor-General

So what has changed?

The second line has been changed from "For we are young and free" to " For we are one and free". 

Now one word might not seem like much of a change but it does for two reasons

The Left have been encouraging Aboriginals to attack the national anthem because of the word "young", Aboriginals have been here for tens of thousands of years so it's an "insult" to them that we are described as young. However the Commonwealth of Australia is only 120 years old so we are young. However the word has always had an additional meaning, that Australia had, like anyone who is young, great potential and a long time to experience and enjoy that potential. It was not simply about chronically but about hope. The young have hope, they have dreams, they have the entire future before them. Australia was young and it had hopes and dreams, the entire future before us. But that has now been taken from us! 

Secondly it is about pretending that mass immigration and multiculturalism have worked, that the old White Australia has been consumed by the new diverse Australia. We are one they say, you cannot tell anyone apart, nothing divides us. Ohh but it does, we have imported new races and ethnicities and new conflicts. New ways of thinking and doing things, we are not one at all. However we once were one, 98% of Australians were of British origin or descent. Today we are around 2/3rds and decreasing. Our chief enemy, the general behind our decline, the Australian government. 

The very people who changed the anthem. 

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