Saturday, 23 January 2021

Answers Create Problems

Problems are eternal.

That is something that is easy to forget, because we want to forget that. We want our problems to go away and for us to live trouble free lives. It is entirely natural to feel that way, but we should also understand that it is an illusion. Because the fixing of every problem leads directly to the creation of other problems.

Your country is attacked but you are victorious, problem solved!

Yes that problem has been solved. 

What about the prisoners you captured, the rebuilding, the lost income, the debt you incurred to win?

Victory has lead to new problems, just as defeat would have. Although generally victory leads to more options than defeat does.

But that is not just applicable to war, it exists in every situation. Everywhere answers create new problems. Those problems may be better than the last set of problems but they still exist. Being poor has different problems than being rich, but problems still exist. We often like to think that money will solve our problems, in reality it provides the opportunity to experience new ones. 

Certainly problems can be mitigated, not every problem is of the same severity. Managing problems should always be our guide, because we will always have problems. It is a mistake that other political philosophies make, that they can destroy problems, that they will be able to devote more and more resources to the big problems as they will eliminate the smaller ones. That is naive, even foolish. 

High interest rates will hurt some people and help others, low interest rates will also hurt some people and help others. Poverty will always exist, so will war and economic uncertainty. It is not about destroying problems, but about managing them. Trying to stop the extremes from getting out of control and accepting that even when problems are solved that has not stopped new problems from arising. I certainly do not want to imply that no problem can ever be fixed or that it is not worth trying to solve problems. I merely want to warn that that will not be the end of your problems.

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