Tuesday 12 January 2021

"Explosions of Bullshit" - President Trump And What's Happening

Watch this 40 second video, it's one of the most extraordinary thing I think I've ever heard from a US President!

What makes it so extraordinary is that it has vanished from the news cycle already and that it's true!

I'm going to write about what is going on and why things have come to this point. Lets start with President Trump. He is a great man, but like most he is also a flawed man. His flaws are as important to who he is and to his achievements and failures as are his strengths. He is egotistical, stubborn, inflexible, trashy, blunt, combative, he thinks loyalty only flows one way, it seems he is not a great judge of character and maybe worst of all he thinks America still works as it did 50 years ago. But his egotism has made him immune to criticism and his stubbornness has made him stay the course. But he also has strengths, he really does have a vision for America, he has a plan to make America great again, it was not just a slogan. He is intelligent and witty, passionate and patriotic, he understands economics better than any President in a long time and he has a strong grasp of Americas strategic situation. 

It is clear to me that he, like so many of us, is on a political journey. I do not think that he has reached his destination. He entered this race with the idea that he had spent his entire adult life around politicians and bureaucracy and that meant that he understood these things. But that was wrong, he was an outsider looking in. Certainly he had experience with these things but not any intimate knowledge and he saw the charlatan nature of most politicians. Something that he has been accused of and sometimes is guilty of. But at the heart of politics is 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours', but President Trump was and remains an outsider, he has nothing to give that someone more experienced in politics couldn't already give them. He knows that these people are hollow men, takers, not givers and he, like us, holds them in contempt....and they know it.....which is a big problem.

But he also failed to understand that the America that he grew up in no longer exists. The reason he supports Make America Great Again is because he thinks America is basically the same but it has taken a few wrong turns and all it needs is to be guided back to the right path. I wish that were true, I wish that was true of my own nation also, but it's not. Over the past 50 years so much has changed, the relationship between men and women, mass immigration, and the moving together of the major political parties until they are effectively, the uniparty. So much has changed that it requires radical surgery, not just a change in direction. He also believed that he could count upon the support of his own party. That Republican politicians would support a Republican President. But they knew the contempt that he held for them and that he could not give them anything that they couldn't get elsewhere. 

His experience as a CEO was good experience for leadership and getting things done, but bad experience for creating alliances with politicians and political power structures. He often accepted bad advice and he could not see that it was bad. He failed for example to get rid if the DREAMERS, which he promised to do on day one. That was a constant theme of his Presidency. It did not help that he was sabotaged right from the start, the establishment held him in the same contempt that he held for them. He threated them in a way they never felt possible. Remember back to 2015 when he was being dared to run for President, they thought it was a joke, they thought he was a joke. Remember Hillary Clinton and her 'Basketful of Deplorable's!'. They never seriously thought he posed any threat to them and then he won. They didn't know what to do. Here was someone who hated them and he was now President, but it went even further than that. It showed them something that was as shocking as Brexit, it showed them that the Liberal victory that they assumed was in sight, might not happen...ever!

That's what this is all about, this is why they have been hysterical for 4 years, this is why they cheated, this is why they are still hysterical. The certain safe world that they thought was coming into view has been threatened. Actually it has been more than threatened, they are right, they are facing an existential crisis. They now feel as you and I feel. That everything that they love, value and cherish could be destroyed and taken away from them. Their vision of the future, that they will reign supreme and that their values will reign supreme, that every nasty thing they have ever done or believed will be justified because it will usher a better world into existence. All of that is under threat.

Which is true. Liberals believe that everyone is secretly a Liberal, they just haven't heard the right argument yet, but once they do. But that's not true and as they push they vision onto us they will scare the people that they think that they are saving. Some will rush to join them, but many will rush away. The world of give and take is going away and in it's place is the idea that the winner can take all, that's not true, the winner cannot take it all. But the belief in that is true and it means that in the future there will be less and less tolerance for anything but the party line. President Trump was an interlude, but now things are hotting up again. 

Personally I think that he still has a role to play, the question is as hero or martyr?

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