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Traditional Conservative views on Women

Traditional Conservative views on Women 

Nearly a year ago I did a post on Traditional Conservative views on Men in which I laid out what we want from men and what men should expect from Traditional Conservatives. Here I will do the same in regards to women. Traditional Conservatives believe in the traditional family of one Husband/Father and one Wife/Mother with children and it is this life that is most important to us. We believe that this brings the greatest protection and satisfaction than any other type of life. Because it allows men and women to bring their unique skills and abilities to bear in support of something greater than themselves, their family and their shared future.

Far too often we see that Liberalism supports loneliness, but we do not, there are times in which it is natural to feel lonely, but that should not be the case for year after year particularly when someone is in the prime of their life. That is unnatural, as well as cruel. But it is the life that we see far too many people living, or should I say enduring. Traditional Conservatives believe in marriage because we do not agree with enforced loneliness. We want to see people investing in others, but not in random people, investing in people who will invest in them. A parent, sibling, Husband, children, they are the people you should be investing in, because they will, or have invested in you, supported you and loved you. No boss will love you like your family will.

We support Femininity, those things that only a women can provide or at least those things that a women can do best. Feminine beauty is important, we support beauty, the idea that things should be, within reason, attractive as well as functional. That fashion should be feminine and that it should make women attractive. Femininity is of course more than the physical, we support women being ladies. That gentleness and kindness, sympathy and manners are also important, as is loyalty. Without loyalty all of the others are misplaced.  

Just as there are things we support, there are things we do not support. We do not support promiscuity, what happens in your love life is your business, but sadly misery loves company and when someone is promiscuous they tend to endorse it to others. We oppose it not only because is harmful to you but because it rarely seems to be enough to keep it to oneself. How is it harmful? Unwanted pregnancy, abortions, disease, the risk of physical assault, molestation or rape, attacks to a womens self esteem and self worth and a jading that encourages women to be hard instead of being feminine.  

We do not support divorce, we believe that most problems that married couples experience can be overcome, but that no fault divorce encourages the worst in people. The permanence of marriage was once, only 40 years ago, the norm and it should be again. Divorce creates hatred between men and women instead of togetherness. It harms children by giving them the most concrete example that people are disposable. You are not disposable!

We do not support womens careers, we are not against women working, after all women have always worked but we do not support careerism. Because that interferes with family, family is not a feather in a cap, it is the very reason that we do things. Women with families may need to work but that is quite different to desiring to work. If a married women wants to work outside the home there are many charities or schools that seek extra help. If money is required than need wins and you must work, but we would caution that it should not be in competition with men. Because other men also require jobs so that they too may get married and support their family.  

So what should women expect from Traditional Conservatives? They should expect us to oppose loneliness and to support marriage. To support the permanence of your marriage and to support your husband in work. To support you when you have children and to support the home that you have created. Your home is a sacred place to us just as your family is sacred to you. It should be the job of a Government to provide a stable environment in which young people can meet their future spouse, in which a Husband and Wife can build a home and a family and that when that family is grown that they can then see their children do the same thing. We should all be involved in creating the future and only families can build that future. That is what you should expect from us.

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