Tuesday 18 June 2019

We don’t need them for Clown World

Recently I was watching Lana Lokteff from Red Ice Radio, she had been invited to give a presentation at the American Renaissance Conference. Ironically it was on clown world and how we are now all living in clown world. Quite true. But near the end of her presentation she reads out some quotes and one was from Winston Churchill. After reading his quote she states that “he was wrong about WWII” and a portion of the crowd then clapped her.

I stopped watching at that point as it is something I keep seeing and it great disturbs me, we don’t need our enemies to live in clown world. I hate clown world, I also hate it when clown world comes from my own side.

Every single person has crazy irrational thoughts, every single person believes things that aren’t true, that’s part of being human. We are fallible. But that doesn’t mean that you should tell other people or that you should write it down or that you should cheer crazy thoughts when it is being filmed for a conference!

Winston Churchill was on the wrong side in WWII.
Man never landed on the Moon.
Liberalism can be reformed.
Mass shootings are stunts.
The Holocaust didn’t happen.
If we defeat the Jews, we win.

I know why people think like this, we have all had to do a lot of thinking. We have had to discard beliefs that we once held dear and that is a hard and painful process. Once you start thinking it can be hard to stop, it can start to seem as if everything must be questioned. It’s an easy trap to fall into, however it ignores a vital fact. There are things that are real, not everything should be questioned because not everything needs to be questioned.

I can identify this within myself, I have come to believe things that I once would have been outraged by. But I have not changed my mind on everything, reality still exists and not everything has a meaning and not everything is political. Sometimes hate is the answer for why something happened, sometimes love, sometimes loyalty, sometimes things happen by mistake or miscalculation. Reality is complex and we need to keep that in mind. We also need to remember that not everything is ideology. Many of those for example who believe that man never landed on the moon, also do not like the United States government. However it is possible to dislike the United States government and for man to have still landed on the moon. The two are not mutually exclusive, but ideology can make it seem as if they are.

We need to win, we know how clown world is and it’s madness. We cannot allow the future to be controlled by them, we need to win. The reason we haven’t won is not because of the Jews or anyone else, it’s because we are not ready for the big time. We tolerate nonsense like the above list and we need to get serious. That means we need to organize and to out think our enemies. Another thing we can do to help win is to keep our crazy on the inside and not show it to the world. We don’t need clown world, ours or their!

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7FRbf44ZDo

  2. Winston Churchill could not have predicted what would happen to the UK an Europe. It is unreasonable to think that Churchill should have concluded that Nazi Germany would have been better left to occupy Europe.

    I think the underlying resentment, is the Churchill fought Germany, not that he was wrong.