Wednesday 25 September 2019

Some Link Love VII

I'm sorry I'm not posting much, I was really happy with my posts last week, but since then I've not been doing well. A number of issues have decided to visit my doorstep all at once and I'm struggling a bit. Fortunately other people are writing interesting things as well. Today I wanted to put up three articles by women, all of them first rate!

Is Submission Always A Good Thing?
Have you noticed how shallow many modern women are? They are like empty vessels, without any original thought in their heads. They will blindly follow social trends and do or support whatever the MSM tell them is the latest coolest thing to do at the moment. They are always trying to fit in. I once personally witnessed a  feminist lady walking into a traditional Eastern church where all the females wear headcoverings and start demanding that she's be given one, too, in order not to stick out. That made me wonder how many ardent feminists would actually support ISIS clothing guidelines if these guys ever came to power. 
Ladies It Is Not Your Job To Change Society
We, as women, are not supposed to fight for TradCon society and future. The whole idea we believe in -or at least I believe in- is that woman's place is at home. Not on barricades and heated political arguments. Women have never, ever achieved anything worth mentioning by fighting. Men do the fighting. They are good at it, thanks to testosterone.

Dependent Slaves
 First, independence does not exist. It is an illusion. We are all dependent.

Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future
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