Tuesday 10 September 2019

Learn to Get Along - Or Else!

'Teachers are being trained as human rights ambassadors in a bid to stamp out racism, sexism and discrimination in Victorian classroom' Heard Sun, Sunday 1st September 2019, page 25.

Our old friends at the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission have eight schools undertaking this pilot program. And what a program it is, quite ambitious in it's effort to subvert reality. For that is what the program seeks to do. It all comes down to the lie of equality. The idea that we are all the same, interchangeable, which is a lie that everyone knows to be a lie. I mean it is state ideology, yet it remains a lie.

'Ms Smith said for some teachers, it was "an epiphany" to be told they had a responsibility to look out for racism and sexism in schools.'

So teachers will be looking out for anyone who notices that different races are different and for anyone who notices that the different sexes are different. These Jacobin's just keep going two centuries after the French Revolution. Reality must be denied and rejected. Children must be taught that the only opinion that's acceptable is the opinion that they have been told to have. Thinking your own thoughts is wrong and so is noticing, for heavens sake don't notice!

Equality means forcing every square peg into those round holes, everyone must fit in....or else!

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