Saturday 28 September 2019

Go Woke, Go Broke - Gillette

Earlier this year Gillette, the shaving company, released a quite Woke video.

We Believe: The Best Men Can Be

Since then the company has down written $8 billion, which it claims comes from a shrinking of the market and stiffer competition. However if that was the case why have they completely revamped their commercials?

Have a look at the latest Gillette ad from here in Australia.

Ben the Aussie Firefighter

Apparently he's a real fireman!

Here's the American version.

Daily Shaving for Sensitive Skin & Ingrown Hairs

What I find interesting is that comments have been disabled on all of these ads, except for the first one!

Which has quite a few negative comments and 1,500,000 dislikes to 803,000 likes.

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