Sunday 29 September 2019

Bringing Jobs Back To The West

Globalism has helped to destroy the lives of millions upon millions of people in the West. Factories and the jobs that they provided have either been destroyed by cheaper competition or exported to countries that do things cheaper. We are told that this results in lower prices which increases our standard of living. However it turns out that free trade has an enormous cost associated with it.

Slowly but surely the wealth of the West is being exported to the third world. Victoria imported twice as much as it exported last year. Australia has imported more than it has exported, although not as badly as Victoria's figures, for the past 45 years. With no end in sight. In the West that is not a rare situation.

This has created a situation of chronic and persistent unemployment. In Australia the last time a political party talked about full employment was 1992. Since then the very lowest number of unemployed in Australia has been 400,000. Currently it is 700,000. But unless you are directly affected by it most people are not even aware of the problem. Even though it is something that impacts their lives in numerous ways.

Getting jobs back into the West is something that is very much needed.

One big issue has been outsourcing, whereby jobs have been exported to keep down costs. This is where the issue must be attacked, by making the cost benefit go away. Making it cost as much as it would if the job was still being done incountry.

The aim is end unemployment in Western countries.

Firstly, all jobs that can be done in the West should be.

Secondly, companies that outsource jobs overseas should have to pay a tax for that privilege.

Thirdly, workers outside of the West that work for Western companies should be paid the same hourly rates as if they worked in the West.

Fourthly, that should be phased in over a ten year period.

Fifthly, then those workers should receive the same benefits that Western workers get. 

Sixth, immigration to force down wages should end.

Seventh, a worker who provides goods or services into the West is regarded as working in the West.

Eighth, this stops and goes no further when unemployment is below 2%, with long term unemployment being 3 months.

The aim is get our future back, to force attention back onto the workforce that already exists. The workforce every taxpayer has paid to educate.

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