Thursday, 1 November 2018

Do We Need Any Immigration?

There is an idea in most Western countries that we need immigration to survive. I heard it recently from someone I wasn't expecting  to hear it from and it got me to thinking how common this idea is. Far too many people think this bizarre thought, that without foreigners a country cannot exist.

This idea is a Liberal one, no other political philosophy believes anything like this, Communism doesn't say it, nor does Anarchism, nor does Fascism. Liberalism believe in unlimited freedom, including the freedom to live wherever they want. So if they have this freedom then so does everyone else need it. They further believe in the idea that money and goods should have unlimited movement. That there should be no limit.

This is coupled with another idea, that growth is good, particularly economic growth. And that it is unlimited or at least should be unlimited. Regulations and other restrictions are only good when they support growth. So population is important because it helps create growth. People are important because they are economic units. More people more growth, growth creates growth.

The idea that there is a limit to growth or that there should be limits is regarded as heresy. If you put forward any idea like that you will be accused of hating trade (a very bizarre claim), or that you are a socialist. But all things have limits and most people accept that idea without much trouble, however Liberalism believes in absolute freedom, including from natural laws. Nothing is allowed to stand in the way.

Starting the in 1800's Liberalism started to move people around from country to country. Indians in Fiji, Irish in England, etc. The idea was that no employer needed to be without labour. Pay must be kept down, workers were merely economic units, interchangeable. It is this interchangeability that is important. Our ethnicity was unimportant, their loyalty to their own people was also unimportant. What mattered was economic growth. But it lead to people thinking that this strange idea was normal. That moving masses of people around like chess pieces was simply how life was. But before 1800 it was extremely rare. In the past population movements meant invasion, now the invasion was called immigration. 

After WWI much of this population movement stopped, it only revived after WWII. It has gone on so long that people cannot think of it ever stopping. Not only can it be stopped, but in the past it has been stopped. Immigration from non related ethnic groups is unnatural. It is not a part of nature it is entirely man made. It is entirely a Liberal invention, no other political philosophy carries it out. No one else puts money before kin.

With mass unemployment in most Western countries we do not need mass immigration. It shows how much our Governments care about us, that they present us with both and pretend that they have no choice in the matter. What matters is not unlimited growth but our own people. If the population goes down then we will find that there are benefits to that, if it stays the same we will find benefits to that and if it grows we will find benefits to that. But to pretend that paperwork citizenship is the same as blood is wrong!

Do we need any immigration?

No we do not!

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