Friday, 9 November 2018

Melbourne, Terror City

A few hours ago a Muslim man launched a terrorist attack in Melbourne, Australia. He either burnt or exploded his car and then he stabbed three people, one of whom is dead. Police finally shot and wounded him after trying to disarm him.

In Bourke Street, where the last attack took place.

Here we are again, another immigrant who loves us so much he wants to kill us. Do we need any immigration? Here is yet another example of why we do not. Why do we put up with this? Why do we let our Politicians get away with it? They don't arrive here by magic, our treasonous Politicians let them in. If this man had not been allowed in then today's murderous attack would never have happened. To which the reply comes back 'but how could we know?'. The only way to stop immigrant crime and terrorism is for there to be no immigrants.

We must always remember that 100% of immigrant crime and terrorism can be prevented!

Will today's events be called terrorism or will he simply be another person who's mentally ill?

The two are not mutually exclusive, but if he is mentally ill how exactly did he get into Australia?

The truth is that this is not simply terrorism, this is treason. If the Government was on our side then this bloke would not be here. But they never quite are are they!

No details have been released on who the victims are yet, more tragedy to look forward for.

And whats going on with Victoria police? They looked like they were dancing with him, he should have been shot straight away. When I saw the footage I laughed, it was so pathetic.

Australia is not unsafe, it was made unsafe on purpose. The Government will deny that, but if they didn't do it on purpose what outcome did they expect?

Because if they expected a different outcome that makes them incompetent.

How long will we put up with this?

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  1. Put up with what exactly? this rarely ever happens

  2. You are saying nothing happened, Unknown?

    What don't you go live in Somalia - because if you're consistent there is nothing to put up with there either?