Saturday 23 June 2018

Friends and the Coming War

A friend is someone who when you call or knock on their door at 2am because your life is falling apart, is glad that you contacted them. Some people like to talk about how many friends they have, but how many people would really be happy to hear from them at 2am? The truth is that if you have  five people in the entire world who would be happy to hear from you, you have more friends then most.

Over the past few days I have been having a long talk via text with someone who was once a great friend of mine. Over the years we have had our ups and downs, we grew up together but somewhere along the way he went down the left path and I went down the right. In the past five years or so he has put nearly 100% of the effort into our relationship. The truth is that I have no desire to keep our friendship going, however I do miss what we once had, but that is gone and it isn't coming back.

For a long time I ignored the things I didn't like, as I get older I find that harder and harder to do. I decided that if someone isn't on my side then I shouldn't be on theirs. And by side I mean me, personally. How often do we put up with people in our lives who are against our interests? Who side against us and who choose to support our enemies. The world is hostile enough without having friends who don't look out for your interests.

The Left has a reputation for putting ideology before friendship, I tend to agree with them. Are friends who aren't on your side really friends?

Everyone of you has to decide for yourselves if you want to continue to break bread with people who are against you. I no longer do, I have had enough of their treachery. Every day we move closer and closer to civil war and this is simply one symptom of the disease. Painful but not as painful as defeat or as painful as the war will be. Because there cannot be peace without compromise and I am so sick of compromise and so is the other side. It is a old fashioned as White countries with only White people in them, as old fashioned as women only working because they needed to, as old fashioned as top hats.

Every day we move closer.

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  1. will he accept challenge to his beliefs? if so, depending on how long it takes, it may be worth trying to convince him to the right. time required to do that may be the biggest factor - I personally wouldn't bother.

    1. Tried that, afraid he's a lost cause.

    2. "The Left has a reputation for putting ideology before friendship"

      Liberal [left] girls will not date conservative boys.