Saturday 17 March 2018

The False Choice of Democracy

Today, the 17th March 2018 there is a by-election in the electorate that I live in. The last Member of Parliament had to resign due to him having joint citizenship. The High Court of Australia has made a complete and utter mess of the issue, but that is for another time.

The electorate of Batman, named after the explorer John Batman not the superhero, is one of the most left wing electorates in Australia. At the last election Labor got around 35% of the vote and The Greens got another 35% of the vote. Labor won the seat by around 1% because of preferences.

The area was once solidly White working class, then it became White and ethnic working class. Since the 1990's the south of the electorate has become increasingly middle class, with a large number of homosexuals, particularly lesbians. Of the 10 suburbs in Melbourne with the largest homosexual population, 3 of the them are in my electorate. The south is solidly Green, the north is solidly Labor, the dividing line is said to be Bell Street which is a major thoroughfare in the northern suburbs of Melbourne Although this election might change that. I live in the north.

Australia has preferential voting, which means that you can vote for anyone you like but you will still end up voting for the winner or runner-up. So there are 10 candidates, but in reality the race is between two, the Labor and the Greens candidate. I will vote Labor in 8th place and The Greens in 9th, but non of the other candidates will win, so my vote will continue to be counted until it ends up with one of those two candidates. In the last election more people voted Green, but more preference votes were for Labor, so Labor won.

When I go to vote in an hour I will get the choice between a refugee loving, Feminist women or a refugee loving, Feminist women. The choices are simply amazing!

The false choice of Democracy.

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  1. When I go to vote in an hour I will get the choice between a refugee loving, Feminist woman or a refugee loving, Feminist woman.

    The refugee loving feminist women teachers at my school, who mostly live in the south of your electorate, campaigned for the Greens - but to their consternation lost.

    1. Mr. Richardson

      Consternation, a word we don't say enough. I hope that they experience many such moments of consternation.

      Of course as Labor won I also have my own consternation!

      Mark Moncrieff

    2. Even when not having a choice in the election that is suitable to yourself, still important to vote. But in Australia by law you must vote? Is that correct, you must?