Friday 2 March 2018

Kingship is Life

Yesterday I was on Youtube watching 10 Things I Don't Miss About Australia, from a German women who had lived in Australia. Then I watched her 10 Things I Love About Australia, she had some interesting things to say, non of which were about Monarchy. But one thing she liked about living in Australia was that US election results became available around midday and by 6 pm you had a result. Which got me to wondered if elections should be viewed as entertainment?

But of course elections are viewed as entertainment. Elections in theory are about policy, who has the best policies, who will give the best leadership. But in reality nearly every election is a team sport, will my team win or will yours? It's a popularity competition, but it is rarely portrayed as such. It makes us feel as if we have some say in the outcome, some say over the future, some control over our own lives. But how often is that really true?

I once heard someone say that the problem with elections is that a politician always wins. And it's true. The problem is that we don't want politicians, what we want are leaders. But it's unusual to get leaders, I heard another quote which describes modern politicians quite well.

I am the peoples leader
The people are going that way
I must follow them

The more you think about that quote the sadder it gets. The reason they follow is because even the smallest thing can end their career. People vote for and against politicians because of facial hair, dress sense, attractiveness, whether they are good public speakers. To be honest non of that is actually important, but people do vote with those things in mind.

Then I thought about Kings and I realized that people didn't get to vote about these things. They had to accept things that given a choice they would not in a politician. Culturally that has extraordinary important ramifications. It means that the most important things in a Kings life, in the life of his relationship to his people, only the most important events in his life matter.

His birth, his marriage, the birth of his children, his coronation and his death.

Whether he is a good King or a bad King, whether he is a good man or a bad man, is made redundant. He reigns because it is his birthright. His birth, the fact that he is King is not because he is a good dresser or orator, but because of the miracle of birth. Because his father and his father before him were King. Generation after generation of Kingship.

That all has an effect on the culture, when Kings were deposed it set in train the idea that no one is really important, everyone is disposable. If even the King can be done away with, killed or dismissed, then what hope do you and I have? How important are our lives? If even Kings can have their birthright taken from them, then how safe is your birthright? Your property, rights or freedoms?

Politicians do not share their lives with us, they are strangers to me. But the Queen I have known all of my life, my parents knew her and her father, my grandparents knew him and his father and my great grandparents knew his father and his fathers mother. Royalty are not strangers like Politicians are. Because at each stage in their lives we have access to them, at their birth, their marriage, the birth of their children, their coronation and at their death.

Kingship is Life!

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