Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Russell Kirk Fundraiser

Russell_Kirk is a very important figure in Traditional Conservatism. Maybe I should just let  Infogalactic tell the story.

"Russell Amos Kirk was an American political theoristmoralist, historian, social criticliterary critic, and fiction author known for his influence on 20th century American conservatism. His 1953 book, The Conservative Mind, gave shape to the amorphous post-World War II conservative movement. It traced the development of conservative thought in the Anglo-American tradition, giving special importance to the ideas of Edmund Burke. Kirk was also considered the chief proponent of traditionalist conservatism."

I must admit that he has had a big influence on myself and he has also been an inspiration to my thinking and writing. I do not agree with every one of his ideas but he was a deep thinker and he wasn't afraid of putting forward his ideas. He was also a real Conservative and not a Liberal hiding under the label of a Conservative which in it'self is quite refreshing.

Next year is the centenary of his birth and there is a plan to put up an Historical Mark to honour the occasion and of course the man himself. A Fundraiser is looking for money to pay for the Historical Marker, I plan to donate some money myself. But of course the more the merrier, I encourage anyone who has gotten any benefit from my writing to contribute and honour a great Conservative thinker.

You can find out more about Russell Kirk here:

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