Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Now Generation

I also call the Now Generation, the Timeians, but who are they?

They are the people who's only loyalty is to the here and now. You know the people who tell you "who cares I'll be dead by then!" and other such things. People who are not loyal to their country, nor to it's people, or to the past or the future. They are only loyal to the present, because that is where they live.

People like Sting and Warren Buffett, both links are to their plans to not give their money to their own children. The second article, which was written in 2015,  has this interesting quote:

"While 53 percent of Boomers (Baby Boomers) feel it's important to leave a financial inheritance, that number is 68 percent for those aged over 68."

That's quite a drop, I wonder how my generation (Generation X) will deal with this, will we continue the decline or not?

In Australia we have a phenomena known as the Grey Nomads, these are retired couples who buy a new car and a caravan and tour around Australia. Now I don't begrudge people having a well earned holiday, but some of them have a very unhealthy attitude. Exemplified by the sticker "We're spending our children's inheritance!" In some cases thats a joke, in others it's a political statement. A statement from the Timeians.

Of course the Timeians are Liberals and so is their attitude. Loyal to only themselves, just as Liberalism has taught them. After all the Autonomous Individual can only be selfish. But they aren't quite there yet, they are still loyal to something that isn't themselves, the current year. Thats what makes them feel superior to you and I, they are not bound by a geographical location or to a particular people, they are loyal to a time, the current year.

This is an inversion of what was once common, the idea that you were a link in a very long chain. A chain that extended into eternity. In times past their vision was vast, but the Timeians have brought it down to the very narrowest of visions. No link, no chain, no eternity, only today, now thats a very narrow vision.

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  1. This is an inversion of what was once common, the idea that you were a link in a very long chain.

    Well put. Unfortunately I have heard numbers of people say "It doesn't matter I'll be dead by then" when discussing looming problems in the West.

    You would think this would contravene the liberal sense that they are participating in a march of human progress. But they manage to combine the idea that there is political and technical progress with a recognition that things are going to be worse in terms of family outcomes, crime, housing, crowding etc.

    Some of them cling to the little bits of the liberal narrative that still have some glamour to them (e.g. treating Mandela as a personal hero).