Sunday 14 May 2017

The Problem With Conservatives

Being a Conservative can be quite frustrating, seeing how bad things have become, trying to hold off the tide of Liberalism. And by Conservative, I don't mean Liberals who call themselves Conservatives, I mean real Conservatives. People who believe in TraditionOrderFamily not people who believe in Free Trade and that Liberal rubbish.

But another thing that is frustrating is Conservatives themselves, so often we have standards that we keep even though to keep them is both stupid and wrong. I mean that we can see they do not work but keep them anyway. We can see that they disadvantage us but we seem to be too stubborn to change. Maybe our biggest problem is that we do not take into account our enemies, we expect them to behave as we do. However we do have other problems:

Giving people the benefit of the doubt
Why do we do this? Why do we assume that others will be as fair minded as we are? Why do we so often fail to spot the others sides deviousness? We seem to always give our enemies the benefit of the doubt, "sure I oppose this but they only want something small". They never want something small, they always want everything, but today they will accept something small. We need to stop being reasonable, our enemies are not!

Believe in meritocracy
Here is an idea we picked up from Liberalism, the best man for the job, now the best person for the job. The Left does not play this game, they pick the person who agrees with them the most, why don't we play it that way as well? "Ohhh that would make us just as bad" mean winning? I would love to be winning, how about we can be a meritocracy AFTER we win? Before that it's a luxury we cannot afford.

Uses Leftist language
It can be hard to not use Leftist language, but it is not impossible. I do not say "gay" I say homosexual, it's not gay marriage because that is their language, it is homosexual marriage. Plants and Romance languages have genders, people have a sex, they are either of the male sex or of the female sex. Stop using Leftist language!

Here is something that on first glance you would not expect. Liberalism is basically saying to the entire world "you're not my Dad you can't tell me what to do!". It is all very immature and you would expect that would make them impatient, but you would be wrong. The patience of Liberalism is truly one of the wonders of our age. Instead it is Conservatives who are impatient. I understand, I want it all fixed instantly if not sooner just as much as you do. We need to learn patience, we will not turn things around this year or in five years, we will be fighting this battle our entire lives....yes really. And we need to learn patience.

We are so freaking honest, Liberals lie through their teeth, but we are just so honest. They are always saying one thing and doing another, why? Because it works. Should we be less honest? I'm too bloody honest to say yes!......I am as infuriating as every other Conservative!

But if we keep being honest, it must be part of our armour and not another one of our problems. We give honest council and they do not. But if we do intend to travel that road we need to be as straight as an arrow and to give hard advice, but just comforting advice.

Living within the rules
We want Order, we want things to make sense and we want to believe in fair play, however our enemies do not believe in any of these things. Thats one of the basic reasons that they are our enemies. Can we live inside the rules and win? I don't think we can, we need to start doing what they do and start breaking rules. If they win everyone will lose, we cannot allow that to happen, we must win!

Easily intimidated
We are so easy to intimidate, "your not honest!", "you broke the rules!", "you didn't use our language!". I can hear the apologies already. We need to get tougher, we need to stop being intimidated. How long has the word "racist" held us back? It's pathetic and you can be certain that that never held our enemies back.

We need to win because Liberalism will destroy everything, including itself, if it wins. This is not a game, it is not an intellectual exercise, it's real life and we are losing. I am not saying you are all bad and I'm good, I am guilty of a number of these myself. We all need to get better at this, the stakes are high and they aren't getting any smaller.

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  1. "Giving people the benefit of the doubt"

    Understand not so much giving people the benefit of the doubt but that there is no reciprocity of good-will. Liberal/lefty believes the conservative is just plain evil.