Monday 1 May 2017

Gnosticism Versus The Red Pill

Recently I was thinking about being Red Pilled, and then I was thinking about Gnosticism and it occurred to me that people might get the two confused. It's easy enough to do as people can tend to overthink ideas.

Gnosticism is a Christian philosophy that was named in the 1600's, but which existed in the first few centuries after Jesus. It basically said that the physical world was corrupt and that believers should embrace the spiritual world. At first sight that isn't too controversial, but over time it tended to encourage the rejection of the physical world and encourage the supremacy of the spiritual world. This lead to self destructive ideals such as encouraging people to give away wealth and living in poverty, the rejection of work, family and an endless search for secret knowledge. While being a Gnostic might bring great rewards in the short term, it destroyed those who followed it as it's followers rejected this world and sought the safety of the next world, the spiritual world, the world of death. Most Christian Traditions reject Gnosticism and many call it a heresy.

There is much Gnostic thinking in Liberalism and in fact in all of the Political Philosophies, they all claim to have secret knowledge, knowledge that only they can understand. This thinking reminded me of something that once happened to me and it has a Gnostic ring to it. In 2001 I was studying to become a teacher and in that role I was in a school in the southern suburbs of Melbourne in a classroom watching an experienced teacher teach. The topic was on explorers and the teacher, a male Feminist, asked the class why were men the explorers? No one answered and then one girl, the students were around 13-14 years old, timidly put up her hand and then very timidly said "Because men are braver?" The teacher replied with much anger in his voice "Don't be so stupid!" You just have to love male Feminists and by love I mean hate.

The answer, according to this teacher, was that men had oppressed women so women didn't have the chance to win all the glory, or I might add the scurvy, that explorers received. Men had cheated women yet again. How do we know this? Because men and women are equal and interchangeable in every way. Of course if that is true it doe's make one wonder how it is possible for men to force women to do anything. But that kind of thinking is one that is thousands of years old. But Gnostic thinking relies upon secret knowledge, so the idea that men and women are equal and interchangeable is something that has at one and the same time, always existed and has only been revealed recently through secret knowledge. Why was it secret? Because men had hidden this knowledge and used it to oppress women, but Feminist's had found the secret knowledge and now it was no longer a secret.

So is the Red Pill, Gnostic? Doesn't taking the Red Pill imply that you shouldn't accept the received answer, but that you should investigate further? But there is a fundamental difference between Gnosticism and the Red Pill. Taking the Red Pill is not asking you to search for hidden knowledge, it is asking you to see the things that are already before your eyes, things that you are told to reject.

Are men and women equal? No

Are men and women the same? No

Are men and women interchangeable? No

To know these things all you need to do is open your eyes and it is revealed to you as plain as day. But today people are told not to trust their own lying eyes. They are constantly lied to. We are constantly lied to. To be Red Pilled is to see through the lies, it is not to see secret knowledge. The sexes are not equal, ethnicity and Race's are not equal, people have different IQ's, all of these are basic and common knowledge. In the past everyone was Red Pilled, we are recovering skills that should never have been lost.

Gnosticism says that secret knowledge will lead to a spiritual awakening, that it will reveal hidden worlds and provide you with power. The Red Pill says you already have the power.....use it!

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  1. The other issue with Gnosticism, beside the hidden knowledge aspect, is that if you see the material world as something false, corrupt and imprisoning, the creation of a demiurge, then it doesn't carry meaning. But if there is no meaning carried by the created, material world, then the things of the body don't matter so much. It doesn't matter what I do sexually; the fact that men and women are created distinctly doesn't matter so much, as the "truth" is somehow preserved at a far remove from these things.

    1. Mr. Richardson

      Absolutely correct, their rejection of the physical world means that a large part of reality is regarded as unnecessary and disposable.

      They think that they are discovering truth but in reality they are rejecting it.

      Mark Moncrieff