Friday 17 March 2017

What Do Women Want?

This is a companion piece to why do men like pretty women? but as men and women are different so is the question. Today I read a very good post by The Radical One entitled A woman needs a mans masculinity, random rant, actually I think it's much better than a rant even if the last paragraph is a bit harsh. It decided me that I should write this.

The first point to make is that women are individuals, so different women will have individual tastes and desires, but like most things this idea can be taken too far. A women is still a women she is not just a random amount of random things. She will conform, as men do, to particular traits, in a women's case to what most people would think of as feminine traits.

Before we go into that I think I need to take a step back and to look at the three human roles, the role of children, the role of women and the role of men. Each has a particular role that they play within human society, today we are told that everyone is interchangeable, however people know that is not true, the way they live their life in direct contradiction to that idea proves that they know it is not true.

So what are the roles?

The role of children is to grow, learn and develop.

The role of women is to nurture children as well as men and to be the intermediate between children and men.

The role of men is to protect, provide and to be the intermediate between women and children and the rest of the world.

If I may put it another way, think of a circle with three rings, the inner ring is made up of children, the next ring is made up of women and the outer ring is made up of men. Each ring in the circle strengthens the others while maintaining it's own integrity.

All of that means that women have a natural role to play and the closer she is to fulfilling that role the happier everyone will be. Today that simple fact is often ignored, even rejected. As Traditionalists we should never do that.

Men and women are different in both their physical bodies and in their internal life. As a man I don't like my emotions, they are powerful and can be overwhelming. They seem such an unnatural part of life, unwanted and intrusive. But for a women such thoughts are bizarre, for women emotions are a constant companion. As a man I want things to make sense, for things to be rational. But women are used to things not making sense and rational thinking can seem reptilian, cold, brutal and uncaring. I am not saying that women are mentally unstable or unintelligent, I am saying they are emotional. That they are constantly in flux, changing and rarely staying still in their thinking. But what women want from men are constant, even though each individual women has her preferences.

Women seek three things from a man.

1. height and build

2. social status

3. Strength and stability

Now you may have noticed there are actually five things listed, women are looking for a combination of those things, effectively making them one. Lets look at each in more detail.

Height and Build

Women are not as interested in a mans looks as men are in women's, within reason of course. But height is one thing that most women will not compromise on. Height is important because she wants to look up to a man, to feel that he can protect her. The human male is one of the tallest creatures on Earth and animals rarely attack creatures taller than them. His build goes along with his height, women are attracted to muscle over fat, the male is hard and the female is soft. Opposites attract.

Social Status

Most men think that women are attracted to money, but money is merely a symbol of a man's social status. Some women will give up anything for a man with money, but most women will not. Because what most women want is a provider, a man who has the ability to protect her and to provide for her. A man of high social status is a good bet to be able to do both of those things. A man's ability to protect and provide is important in the abstract and in the practical. A man who is fit and a hard worker has social status just as a rich man does because they are both providers, even though they are not equal.

Strength and Stability

A mans physical strength is important because a women is attracted to his strength compared to her. But she is also interested in his mental strength. Mental strength is his intelligence, his fortitude and his mental endurance. She wants to make sure he can provide her with stability. Now this stability comes in two forms, one is in material things, the second is in his ability to keep her stable. As I wrote earlier women are in a constant flux, but a mans emotional strength can provide the balance that she requires. Instead of her emotions being likes waves upon the ocean, with nothing to stop them from becoming bigger and rougher, a man with strength and stability is like a coastline, the waves crash onto the shore and stop. They have found there limit, but a man must be strong enough to be able to handle these waves constantly crashing into him. Men don't even know this is a thing, women do and they seek that in us even though we don't know we posse it.

This is why women test men, often they don't even know they are doing it. They need reassurance that we are quite literally their rock.

That is also why a man's sense of humour is so important to a women. It is a way for her to test that you have the strength to endure her.

And the final part of his strength and stability is his leadership, women want to look up to a man, she wants to be able to trust that he can deal with the world. It is his job to lead the way and to guide her, to protect and provide for her, these are all signs of his leadership. Leadership means that the man leads and that the women follows and she follows because she looks up to him. But no one looks up to a bully or a tyrant, leadership is a hard road and thats another reason why it's the man's job, she has enough to worry about already.

Life at it's best is glorious, but glory is fleeting. Life at it's worst is unbearably painful, but life can get better. Men and women are better together than apart and only together can they build the future, in fact only a men and a women together can build the future.

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  1. "I want a man to be masculine, to be stronger, superior, etc… because something inside of me needs to depend upon him. I feel unhappy and a bit displaced otherwise, like nothing in life suddenly makes sense anymore. It’s kind of depressing, like I could look at him and say, “What’s wrong with you?? Don’t you get it?? Hello???” No, I don’t want you to treat me wrong or do me wrong, but I need you to grab me and tell me what I should be doing, or tell me that everything’s alright, because it’s not. It’s not alright"

    How am I supposed to respect this? What a disgrace.

    1. So you cannot respect a women who tells you what she needs?

      How is that disgraceful?

      Mark Moncrieff

  2. True – this is well thought out post and whilst much has changed in modernity many of those traits and axioms are as true today as there are of yesteryear. What I uncovered was a rare insight as to how such insights played out from some research in a region where my great great grandfather was one of the more successful of the early pioneers around 1864.

    The first wave of settlers became far more independent to the ties of the homeland than you would expect in such a tiny community. In the absence of a church and school women wanted strong and able men who would look after them and make a name for themselves. According to the historian these self- assured women would make today’s feminism movement blush, but not in manner you would expect. Better to live with man for a while and see what sort of a trial husband he was with the children and so forth before entertaining marriage. So they got married much later on or not at all. Most of the marriages remarkably were not within the community as the historian would have expected. Apparently if there wasn’t enough strong well abled men around that measured up then it was off on boat trip up the river to a dance or possible a suitable fare or other meeting place to see what was in the offing. Invariably marriage records indicate couples got to gather from far flung locations to where they actually resided.