Thursday 9 February 2017

What Kind of Australian Are You?

Here is an interesting survey that some Left wingers in Australia have conducted. It asks the question, what kind of Australian are you? And it wants to know about your political beliefs.

Their idea is that there are 7 political tribes in Australia and I belong to the second smallest at only 6%, the Anti-establishment Firebrand. Which I'm sure is meant to be an insult or even a warning to everyone else to beware of us, but I'm very happy to be an Anti-establishment firebrand. 

Here's what the political tribes are and the percentage (rounded off) which they claim for each:

  • Progressive Cosmopolitans (18%)
  • Activist Egalitarians (18%)
  • Ambitious Savers (10%)
  • Lavish Mod-Cons (6%)
  • Prudent Traditionalists (30%)
  • Disillusioned Pessimists (12%)
  • Anti-establishment Firebrands (6%)
The Lavish Mod-Cons are actually 5.5% and there fore the smallest group, but I rounded everyone off, Ambitious Savers were 9.9%, I say lets just call it 10% and be done with it.

I'm not sure how much this should be trusted but I do know people who fall into each category, but I do wonder about the numbers. The Progessives and the Activists seem high to me and the Pessimists and the Firebrands seem low, but maybe thats wishful thinking. But to think even the Left agree's that 1 in ever 20 Australians have Conservative attitudes and hate the Government no matter whether it is Liberal or Labor is a good thing. Australia is changing, 30 years ago for that to be true would have been unthinkable, but not now.

The thing the survey does show is that we are becoming more and more divided, just like the rest of the Western world. We have less and less in common, Liberalism is working it's wicked magic.

The survey is here:

Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future
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  1. What I thought interesting is that the leftist groups represent only 37% of those responding to the survey, with those who are "some sort of conservative/disillusioned" being much larger at about 53%. I guess we need some of the "prudent conservatives" to fire up a bit more.

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  3. The previous comment had a few typo's, so I deleted it.

    I have read your old post on “what traditionalists believe” which was on the sidebar of your Blog and whilst I applaud the fact you are attempting to clarify the beliefs and values associated with a movement I see many obstacles. The trouble with movements generally is the propensity for misunderstandings about what the actual values are and how they play out in the real world.
    At the heart of the problem is the inevitable use of axioms which cannot be proven. So, in my view, there is merit in clarity and reducing the list of beliefs in the form of bald statements which I suggest may mean many different things, within the ranks of supporters. By way of example according to an extensive poll conducted by the Cato Insinuate in the US about 50% of the Tea Party Movement expressed conservative’s views whilst the other half show libertarian traits. That’s because one half fervently advocate for much smaller governments, reducing the deficit and don’t want governments to have any say in value setting for them individually. They are essentially libertarians who equate liberty as a moral matter ahead of anything else to revert to an individualistic stance. That happened despite the fact BLOG's had attempted to list their beliefs.

  4. Not surprisingly I'm another Anti-establishment Firebrand. If 6 percent of readers of the Sydney Morning Herald are Anti-establishment Firebrands then the real figure is likely to be much much higher.