Wednesday 8 February 2017

Senator Bernardi & the Australian Conservatives

The big news in Australian politics this week is that Senator Bernardi has left the Liberal Party, who are in Government, to form his own party Australian Conservatives. I have been asked by a few people for my reaction and I must say I'm underwhelmed.

For those outside of Australia a little background. Senator Bernardi is a Federal Senator from South Australia and while he was a member of the Liberal party he is much more socially conservative than the average Liberal Senator. He is one of the Lefts and the medias, favourite whipping boys. To give you a bit of a taste, last year in a speech opposing homosexual marriage he said words to the effect that if this was allowed what real reason could you give if someone wanted to marry an animal, would you make bestiality legal? Well the Left and the media went nuts, falsely saying that he compared homosexuals to animals and sexual relations between homosexuals to bestiality.

Now on the good side Senator Bernardi has guts and principles, he will openly stand up for what he believes and fight even when he is attacked from all sides. I really admire that and I also like his social conservatism.

Around November 2016 I was sent via email a survey from a survey company and it was about Australian politics. What did I think of the Liberal/ Labor Parties, not much, would I support a Conservative party? I said to myself it depends on what it represents, but the only answers were yes or no, so I ticked yes. The survey did not ask for an opinion on policies only about parties. Then a few weeks later I was on Facebook and I saw an ad for Australian Conservatives and I thought I must check that out, so I went to their Facebook page and the very first thing I saw was "we support a multicultural Australia" and I thought whats the point of being 10% further to the right then the Liberal Party?

Australian Conservatives is the name of Senator Bernardi's political party.

Their idea is that they will unite the Australian Right behind Senator Bernardi and it is bizarre, because if he is not onboard with the National question then it is all pointless. The one area Australian politics is screaming out for is a party that will oppose Immigration, instead we get this. I agree with him on social issues, but it is not enough, not by a long way. If we lose on every social issue we can at least in theory change it at some point to what we want. How do we change our country back to Australians living in Australia if 90% of the people living in Australia aren't Australian?

The National question is a life and death issue and like every other political party in the country it cannot hide quickly enough from it. Sadly I think Senator Bernadi is not a Conservative, I think he's a Classical Liberal and we have already done Classical Liberalism, it lead here and boy do I hate it here!

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  1. "what real reason could you give if someone wanted to marry an animal, would you make bestiality legal?"

    Don't give anyone ideas. They will act on it.