Monday, 13 February 2017

An example of Feminism Failing

Well here's a turn up for the books, Sydney University has a scholarship that openly favours men! Yes you read that correctly!

The scholarship is open to both men and women but will favour men, the scholarship is in veterinary science. Now veterinary science is a great example of whats wrong with feminism and how it works in theory and practice. Australia has a very large livestock industry and we have a lot of pets so there is a real practical need for veterinarians. But the two areas are quite different.

Veterinary science is a harder course to get into in Australia than medicine because the number of veterinarians needed is much lower but the desire to work with animals is high. We all know or have known, a teenage girl who wants to work with animals and many girls are very good students. So they get very high scores to go to University and the competition to get into Veterinary science is high and a large number of those places are taken by female students, how high? It turns out 90% of Veterinary science students are female.

In the past 20 years Veterinary science has gone from being a male dominated industry into a female dominated industry. And with it have come the problems that a female dominated industry generates. Here is a table of male and female veterinarians and whether they are full time or part time workers

Male Full Time 19%

Male Part Time 3%

Female Full Time 48%

Female Part Time 30%

The first thing we notice is that Feminists couldn't care less about equality as they so often claim, because when men went from being over 90% to 22% they didn't care at all. The second thing we notice is the vast difference between male part time workers and female part time workers. Why do 10 times more women than men work part time?

That's because women like to work with pets, not livestock. Pets are companions, we find it easy to relate to them, pet owners are male and female, young and old, there is a lot of human interaction and most of the work is in the major cities. For livestock non of that is really true, it is often lonely work, driving long distances, working long hours, dealing with vast numbers of animals, gruff farmers, and it is hard physical labour and of course most of it takes place in the countryside.

For men that type of life makes sense, but most women reach a point where they want to get married and have children and this often means working part time. All that money spent to train them, all those years of training and often experience is put aside to have a family. I support them getting married, I support them having children, it's the most natural thing in the world. But I cannot help thinking what a waste it was for everyone concerned. Because if men had been trained instead we all would have gotten full value out of it all. And this will get worse because as women enter a profession, men leave it, men do not want to work with women, certainly not in a female dominated industry.

But livestock is big business, billions of dollars are at stake, so how long can this continue?

How long will farmers have to put up with this before something is done?

Here we have Feminism in action and we can quite clearly see it failing.

For Mark Richardsons take on this same issue: Ever heard a Feminist say she just wants equaltiy?

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  1. A vet has to know more than a doctor that deals with only human patients. Know more and be able to deal with patients that cannot tell you what is wrong and where it hurts. The vet mus know all the different types of animals, the innards, illnesses, etc. A difficult job and again, more difficult than a doctor that treats only humans.

  2. Start with a bit of statistics, make a bunch of assumptions and then be openly dismissive about women based on those assumptions. Typical!
    My take on the stats, the livestock vets are clearly not paid well. If they were, both women and those 'men who dislike working with women', would be braving all odds to do those jobs.
    Most feminists do in fact want equality. Equality involves not making excuses for either gender or writing articles about how we are going to die because women entered the profession, based on pure prejudice.


    1. The only complaint you have made about me that you yourself didn't do is provide a statistic.

      Your only valid comment was an assumption, for which I provide this quote from Oz Conservative.

      "My father was a veterinarian in the country. I can remember the issue of scarcity of vets wanting to do large animal work from the 90's. Dad was always paying for young, female vets to move to the country and helping them get set up only to find out that 6 months later "they didn't like it" and he had to do the whole thing over again. I suppose in the end he must have decided to hire based on gender out of necessity. I have never asked him but that's what I would have wanted to do."

      As your obviously a Feminist, you all keep saying you believe in equality but when it comes down to it your all liars!

      Mark Moncrieff

    2. Most feminists do in fact want equality.

      That's why feminists are demanding that women be given the opportunity to have equal representation in employment areas like garbage collection.