Friday 2 December 2016

Race Versus Ideology

Since President elect Trumps election there has been a bit of a push back by some Conservatives against the idea that Race is important. Over at Another Politically Incorrect Blog the blogger DforDoom, who frequently comments here, has put up at least two posts saying that Ideology is more important than Race, Trumps Victory and White Nationalism & The Alt-Right, Pro and Con. On Facebook I belong to a closed Traditional Conservative group and the exact same issue has arisen, as it has on a few other sites I look in on.

Over at Oz Conservative, Mr. Richardson has in the last month written three posts about how Whites are threatened and thought of by the Left. Feminist Professor On White Men, Whiteness Is Like & Kelloggs Pumps $75,000,000 To Radical Left. It seems that Whites are controversial!

But I believe that both Race and Ideology are important, not just one and I am totally against rejecting one to support the other.

I'm White, why would I be against that? I know the Left in all their guise's are against it, but I am not. I reject totally their Ideology that Whites are to blame for the wrongs of the world and that we have to pay for it. Mass Immigration, Multiculturalism, Diversity, I reject them all. I reject them because they seek to destroy my Family, Ethnicity and Race. Or to put it another way, my Family, my larger Family and my enormous Family because all three are the same thing writ large. 

I have seen it written that Ideology is more important than Race because what Conservative wants an Atheist Marxist simply because he's White. No in this idea it would be better if they were not White but Conservative. But I have a serious problem with this. An Atheist can become devout, a Marxist can have a political awakening and become Conservative. You don't have to travel far in Conservative circles to see examples of either. But a man of another Race can never be White anymore than a White man can cease to be White. Your Ideology can change but your Race never can.

You should be loyal to your Race, you should be loyal to your Ethnicity, you should be loyal to your Family and you should be loyal to yourself. If Ideology is more important than Race, then how are you different to the Left?

I feel that too many Conservatives have taken on board the ideas of the Left, that Race is polluted, a perverted idea, but Race is not an idea it is a reality. One of the Lefts favourite tactics is to pretend that if you are positive about being White then you must hate other Races. What they are trying to say is that if George says "I loves being White" that must mean that he is a racist, but if George told you he loves his Wife, would you think "Ohhh no George hates every women who isn't his wife". No of course you wouldn't, but there is no difference between the two things George has said, both times he told you he loves, not that he hates. Stop thinking like the Left and saying that one must mean the other, it's rubbish.

As for Ideology, if I wanted to live surrounded by Leftists I could move to that suburb today, I really don't want too. But I don't want to live in my current suburb right now either. The one filled with Foreigners who share practically nothing with me. We have no shared culture or history. I do share those things with White Leftists. But I do not like or approve of their ideas regarding, well nearly everything. I'm not willing to comprise on either my Race or my Ideology. 

Asia for Asians
Africa for Africans 
White countries for Everyone!

No way.

White countries for Whites!

Because Race matters.

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  1. Great post! My parents are quite liberal but their ideology doesn't change the fact that they are my flesh and blood (or vice versa). It's the same with your tribe, blood is thicker than water. Conservatives should stop cucking and start protecting what is left of Westerners because without Europeans by blood there is no Europe and no Western civilisation.

  2. Honestly, in all my many decades have never once in casual conversation with other whites heard a person say "I'm proud to be a white man." It is just not a topic discussed for whatever reason. NOT even in the thought process.