Wednesday 30 November 2016

Promiscuity is a Dead End

We live in a promiscuous age, a very promiscuous age, you might even say a very Liberal age. For in every sense of the word the age we live in is Liberal. Where personal choice is put up as the highest value, where we are not encouraged to our highest virtues. Because we are told that sex is about fun and about pleasure. We are encouraged to distract ourselves through hedonism, into using our senses for pleasure because life has no higher purpose.

But I have noticed that for most people there are three stages to promiscuous:

1. That seems like a lot of fun!

2. This is a lot of fun!

3. This has stopped being fun!

Some people reach that third stage and push on to a fourth stage:

4. I don't know any other way to live!

Those who have reached the fourth stage are addicts and it is not different to any other addiction, they need their fix. And they encourage others to partake, after all what they are offering seems free. They will tell you "everyones doing it", "we aren't ashamed of our bodies like some people", "we are free spirits", but no addict is free and sex can be very addictive.

When you have limited experience with sex, promiscuity seems like a great idea. It improves your experience and your confidence, you feel popular. But it's not you who is popular, your the free dish on the menu and everyone wants to take a bite. It's curiosity, lustful curiosity, but that can be exciting, after all your also taking "bites from the menu".

So if it is so much fun why doesn't it remain fun?

Because there comes a time, quickly for some, years even decades for others, when you realised that you are treating others as if they are disposable. Then you realise that you are just as disposable. And for most people this realisation comes when they start being intimate with people they don't find at all attractive or even like. For most people that's when it all stops being fun.

When no-fault divorce first came into being there was a rash of people being serial monogamist, being faithful to one partner one after the other. In fact we still see it, people who believe that they are loyal and faithful and moral because every person they have been intimate with they have been in a relationship with. But this is simply another form of promiscuity.

While promiscuity is nothing new, it has reached further than anyone could have imagined. If we could travel back in time and inform people of our lives now, most people from the past would be shocked at how we live and that our society allows this, that we allow this.

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  1. It's beyond bizarre that feminists have embraced promiscuity. Promiscuity is just such an obviously bad idea from the point of view of women. Women can get away with until they're in their late thirties. After that they're looking at lives of loneliness, emptiness and despair. And by the time they realise they're too old to live that way their chances of finding marriage and children are very very slim.

    Men can get away with it for longer and if they're rich they can get away with it for their whole lives. They'll still face loneliness, emptiness and despair in the long term but they have more time to realise they're pursuing a disastrous lifestyle.

    If feminists actually cared about women they'd be defending traditional marriage rather than trying to destroy it.

  2. Gays are [were] extremely promiscuous and see where it go them. AIDS.