Monday 19 December 2016

Why Race Will Become More Important Not Less

I hope my readers don't think I'm becoming a one trick pony, but I want to highlight something that many people think isn't important. Namely that we can ignore Race, but as time goes on it will become a bigger and bigger issue and I want to show why that will come about.

But to do this I must cover some ground I've covered before, Class Struggle. Now I've written on this at least four times before:

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So why write about it again?

In short because people seem determined to pretend that Race will just vanish, but the Left won't allow that to happen and they won't allow that to happen because they believe in a Conspiracy Theory and it starts with Class Struggle. So what is Class Struggle (also called Class Warfare)? Class Struggle comes from Communism and it is a Conspiracy Theory, in fact one of the greatest of Conspiracy Theories. It divides everyone in the world into two groups or classes. One Class, the Oppressor Class gets rich by exploiting the other Class, the Oppressed Class. There are two important things to remember about Class Struggle:

1. No one is innocent or neutral, if you are not being exploited then you are an exploiter.

2. It is a theory based on envy and revenge. the reason I am not rich is because you are, you are rich because you have exploited me, you deserve everything you get. There is no such thing as an honest days work for an honest days pay, every workplace is poisoned with the idea that work is exploitation.

But this idea didn't just stay within Communism, it spread, because it's such a simple and therefore a seductive idea, that everyone in the world is either innocent or guilty. And of course your never guilty, it's always someone else who is guilty and the problems of the world can be both understood and solved. Someone is to blame and once they are removed from power then the problems that plague the world will also vanish.

For the Communists the enemy were the Rich.

For the Nazi's the enemy were the Jews.

For Feminist's the enemy were Men.

For Liberals the enemy were White's.

In each case there is one clear enemy (the Oppressor) which both explains why there is so much wrong with the world and at the same time gives a solution. Once the "Oppressor" is destroyed then the "Exploited" will be free. But in each case there must be great destruction to achieve these goals. But the cost will primarily be borne by others not by them so that is quite acceptable.

We can see the destruction caused by Communism and Nazism clearly. But many fail to see the destruction caused by Feminism and Liberalism, they think any destruction caused was either a good thing because it stopped extremism or that it was extreme in itself but that it has learnt from it. But there can be no advance without destruction. Men must be held accountable for Feminism's failures. If men would just give up everything when Feminism wanted then Feminism would work. But instead men stop Feminism from succeeding, men are the enemy.

Liberalism believes in the Autonomous Individual, that every person should be free from social restraint. Along the way it has decided that Ethnicity and Race are problems because people cannot decide these things for themselves, therefore they must be destroyed. Liberalism exists in the Western world, in White countries, so it is here that they set out to do their damage. Mass Immigration, Multiculturalism, Diversity are all about destroying Whites as a distinct people.

An excellent example is shown here Were meant to listen to this guy? Here a Professor writes on Twitter that "We should commit mass suicide", meaning that Whites should commit mass suicide. So here we have someone who believes in "White Privilege", in the idea that Whites are "Oppressors" and this idea is spreading throughout the Left and you can be certain into the Universities and into Government and the Courts.

Race, like sexism is going to become a bigger and bigger issue, because the Left cannot push it's agenda without it. And every time we retreat so as to look "respectable" we lose because we give everyone the idea that we cannot defend ourselves because our ideas are indefensible. It is time to stop being moral cowards and to start fighting. It is time to understand that the people that we fight are not simply wrong they are evil.

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  1. An excellent example is shown here Were meant to listen to this guy? Here a Professor writes on Twitter that "We should commit mass suicide", meaning that Whites should commit mass suicide.

    Somehow I get the feeling that when he says "we" should commit mass suicide he doesn't actually include himself. What he means is "all those nasty poor white people who aren't university professors like me and didn't vote for Hillary Clinton should commit mass suicide." It's the badwhites who have to die, not the goodwhites like him.

    With people like this it's never self-hatred. As you said earlier, "the cost will primarily be borne by others not by them."

    It's not self-hatred but it is definitely hatred. And it's often hatred motivated by class.

    You see the same thing with the reaction to Brexit. It's the hatred of the goodwhites (mostly middle-class) for the badwhites (mostly working-class).

    Class hatred is more extreme today than at any other time in living memory. There is a difference though - this time it's not the have-nots hating the haves, it's the haves hating the have-nots. It's driven by greed and selfishness rather than envy.

  2. Most places in the world the races do not mix. Places like the United States are a rare exception what has been the norm for many thousands of years.

  3. "'We should commit mass suicide', meaning that Whites should commit mass suicide."

    NOT should but WE are!!