Monday, 14 November 2016

Refugee Camp or Aged Care Facility

The Australian Government agreed under Prime Minister Tony Abbot to take in thousands of refugees from Syria. His successor Malcolm Turnbull has agreed that approximately 150 can be housed in an Aged Care Facility in Eltham. Eltham is a very leafy, middle class suburb, well known for being the favourite suburb for Teachers and for it's arts and crafts, including the artists colony at Montsalvat.  Into this mix the Australian Government has said it will bring in 150 Syrian Muslim women and children.

This is a terrible idea, but to show how terrible an idea this is I will assume that everything the Government and those on the Left has said about the Refugees is true. We have been told that only the most vulnerable of the Refugees will be housed here and that they will be women and children.

Firstly a community made up of only women and children is entirely artificial. Children need Fathers and women want Husbands and lovers, they want male companionship. There is nothing unnatural or unusual about this, in fact exactly the opposite. So if their male family members are brought to Australia how long will it be before they make their way to Eltham?

An Aged Care Facility is a place for the Elderly to rest after a life of work and family. They deserve that. But instead they will be subjected to children. Children are lovely, joyful, playful, loud and demanding, they all of those things. But here in this place of rest they will hear babies crying, toddlers screaming and children being loud. Non of this is unnatural or unexpected but this is is in no way consistent with the needs of an Aged Care Facility.

One thing that the Elderly are quite famous for is their resistance to change, they have lived a long time and they are set in their ways. Now they must not only adjust to a large group of people, but to a group who do not share their language, religion or culture. They are alien to each other in every sense. Now some will argue that they will get used to each other, but that misses the point, they should never have been put in this situation in the first place.

Another question that hasn't been answered is how old will these children be? 10, 12, 15, 18 or if Europe is anything to go by 36? It makes a big difference. Teenagers, particularly teenagers without male authority, tend to cause trouble. It's one of the things teenagers do without much effort. When they put effort into causing trouble things can become very serious. We have no idea about the age of these children nor do we know how long they will be here. A child of 10 today is 14 in 4 years time. Will they still be here in 4 years?

No one knows.

There are so many things wrong with this Refugee policy, but this list is long enough. If anything goes wrong remember the Australian Government is to blame because they allowed this to happen.

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  1. 100% agree. Refugees do not belong in aged care facilities for all the above mentioned reasons and more.