Thursday, 17 November 2016

What Should We Expect From President Trump?

I endorsed Mr. Trump back in September. I like to think that got him over the line during the election, of course it didn't but I do like to think it!

Now that Mr. Trump is President-elect Trump I have been reading many articles on various sites about what a Trump presidency will be like. Some have been quite good (7 Things to expect from a Trump presidency) and others have left me scratching my head. So I would like to try and show what we can reasonably expect.

We should expect very little in regard to social Conservatism. He simply isn't a social Conservative. So Homosexual Marriage, abortion and the rest of the social evils will not change. On this front we must continue fighting.

President-elect Trump has said he wants to increase spending on Infrastructure and Defence. That will push America further into debt. I'm not saying that Infrastructure and Defence shouldn't have money spent on them, but they do mean that America goes further down the debt hole. Maybe he has a secret plan for fixing the debt, I sure hope so.

No matter who became President at this election, non social Conservatism and increased debt were always going to happen. So in that sense this is neutral more than bad.

There are four things that he we should expect from President Trump.

Lack of Political Correctness: Political Correctness is something President Trump won't have much time for. He likes to call things by their proper name and he will, you should expect lots of "scandals" about how racist and sexist he is. I think most of us will quite enjoy this aspect of his Presidency, we might even be able to use it to push it out into the open more, get people used to plain speaking instead of walking on eggshells.

Opposing Globalization: Free Trade was given a fair trial and it has failed to deliver what it promised. If 25 years isn't enough to make it work than it can fairly be said to be a failure. It has failed the working people of the Western world quite clearly. President Trump wants that to change, it will be quite interesting to see his idea being put into practice. But anything that puts a damper on Free Trade is good. It helps restore national borders as well as national economies. A Government should be loyal to it's own people first and President Trump is doing that.

Immigration: I don't know what he will do regarding legal Immigration. But he has already said he plans to enforce US Immigration law, right there is a massive victory for everyone opposed to Mass Immigration and the destruction of White countries. I expect big things here and if he fails to delivery, that will be the biggest failure of his term. Now I know there are those who are saying that The Wall will now be a fence, but I do not see any reason to worry about what form the border barrier takes, what matters is that it is effective.

Opposing ISIS: There is one area where I believe most pundits are wrong. President Trump will not be a peacenik. In fact I believe he wants to fight a war and that war will be against ISIS. He has said so numerous times that he plans to defeat ISIS, if he is serious he needs US combat troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria. Air power has never won a war by itself and to rely on the Iraqi and Syrian Armies with Western special forces is no better. It might take as much as 100,000 troops on the ground to destroy ISIS and I think he will do that. The exact number of ground troops is up for debate but if he wants to destroy ISIS he must commit US ground forces to combat for as long as it takes in both Iraq and Syria. And I think that the Middle East is going to get a lot more walls as well.

As I have said before President Trump might fail, he certainly will disappoint. And while he will not give us everything we want, or that he might want, we should be enjoying the victories that we can achieve. After all we have all endured enough defeats, it might be good to have the a few victories.

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  1. We should expect very little in regard to social Conservatism.

    Agreed. Trump is a social liberal. On the other hand he is that very rare creature, a liberal who has at least some belief in freedom of speech. So he might have the effect of opening up debate a little on social issues.

    That of course is why SJWs hate him so much. They're terrified of the possibility that he'll create a climate in which actual discussion is permitted.

    I don't know what he will do regarding legal Immigration.

    That's a huge worry. Trump strikes me as being basically very pro-immigration.

    But if he does crack down on illegal immigration that will at least encourage other nations to believe they can do the same thing without having to worry about the US telling them they're not allowed to.

    It will be extremely interesting to see how he deals with refugees and whether he will be prepared to allow other countries to close their borders to refugees. If he's prepared to allow other countries to control their own immigration/refugee intakes that would be a huge step forward. But I am worried he'll cave in to pressure on the refugee issue.