Sunday 27 March 2022

Where To From Here?

First Off I would like to thank all those who wrote comments on my last post, Why am I doing this, I would further like to thank those who have contacted me in other ways to offer your support. I very much appreciate it. To know that others do care and that they read what I have to say is nice.

Mrs Borrink, your quite right that blogging can be frustrating, I'm glad that you are here and that you have found things that get you thinking. I also thank you for leaving the first comment, it was a pleasant surprise to see one from someone who hasn't commented before.

Sanne I'm not quitting and thank you for being so direct. Sadly I think your correct about those on the Right not having any fight in them.

Mr. Henderson we certainly are voices calling in the wilderness, but I think you'd agree that it would be great to be more than that. One thing I will say for those I know who have found religion is that they have all done their research. None of them are in churches that support Derrida or Foucault. I thank you for your support.

Anonymous it's always good to get a comment from the worlds most prolific author. You ask, what would I do to fight back? The point is to fight, to be active, the activity hardly matters. If you look at the left they have a finger in as many pies as they can, that's how we should be. Maybe your right about why people don't support me, maybe. I thank you for your comment, very thoughtful.

Mr. Neal you wrote quite a lot, but the last paragraph is the most important.  

It might be helpful, however, to look at the what rather than the why. You having been speaking truth to a world addicted to lies.

Thank you that is quite a compliment!

 Maybe your right, maybe that is enough.

Mr. Rusade I don't know where you went but I'm glad your back to writing. Thank you I appreciate your comment.

To be honest I don't know where I'm going from here. The reason that I was writing, to make things happen in the real world has not worked. But maybe as Mr. Neal said speaking truth in a world of lies is a good enough reason. 

I guess stay tuned.

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  1. "You having been speaking truth to a world addicted to lies."

    This is no small thing. Perhaps the things you have written are not only for the time in which you wrote them but also for future days.

    I believe we are in the beginning of the end of the Fourth Turning. As we move fully into the First Turning, your writings about tradition and such will be exactly the kind of things younger generations will be seeking after being fed a pack of lies for most of their lives.


  2. Anonymous is busy. Keep fighting and moving- that's success in itself. In the book "7 Habits of highly effective people" Stephen Covey talks about private success as preceding public- but it's most important that you know the truth- the unknown soldier- not so much personal glory- but glory is a factor. Remember.