Sunday, 13 March 2022

Happy Ninth Birthday Upon Hope!

Here I am two days late with the blogs birthday post, just like last year, but for a different reason. I have an article written about that which will go up tomorrow.

I'm higher than I was last year, however I know that I cannot trust the numbers that I received for my best month. In July 2021 I was told by Blogger that I had had, 14,847 visitors, which is double any previous month. However nearly 12,000 of that number came from one country, Sweden. These people came onto the site and looked at only the home page and not a single one clicked on anything else. That might be possible but it also sounds more like bots. This is not the first time that I have seen this, but it is by far the most extreme. My worst month was in December 2021, when I had 1,884 visitors. 

I have had 346,572 visitors to the blog in the past nine years. 

2014 15,000 visitors
2015 20,000 visitors
2016 30,000 visitors
2017 38,000 visitors
2018 44,000 visitors
2019 43,000 visitors
2020 52,000 visitors

2021 50,000 visitors

2022 54,000 visitors

Every week one of my articles goes up on Youtube and on Podbean, recently I have had more views on Podbean than on Youtube, in one case nearly double the views. 

My thanks to all of my Subscribestars, it's great to have your support!

Most of my articles appear on Subscribestar early.

My most clicked on article is the ever popular What Do Traditional Conservatives Believe? which was clicked on 7,267 times. My least clicked on article is China And Wolf Warrior Diplomacy which has only been clicked on 37 times.

Over the past year the number of Americans has gone down to 39%, my Australian visitors has also gone down to 14%, which leaves the rest of the world at 47%.

Below are the top 10 articles that have been clicked on with the number of visitors each has received.  

7267 What Do Traditional Conservatives Believe?

4636 Free Trade Versus Protectionism

4448 What Is More Important, The Past, The Present Or The Future?

4325 Why Don't The Poor Marry?

4092 Why Do Conservatives Believe In Different Social Classes

3807 If You Need To Lie

3306 The Balanced Society

2994 Feminism, Why We Are Not Feminists

2824 The Problems Of Monarchy

2608 Housewives, Good For The Economy And Society

The list will be different to the list on the left as I believe that they are weighted towards more recent clicks.

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