Tuesday 14 September 2021

Covid, Climate Change and Mass Immigration

The current hysteria isn't new, it seems new but in reality it's simply a higher plateau on the uplands of Liberalism. We have seen this before even though we haven't travelled quite this far. In each iteration we get the same crisis in which we must sacrifice ourselves for the greater good. But in which we only need to mouth platitudes and in which there is little personal sacrifice at all. The sacrifice is paid by the next generation. The generation that we are told we are doing this all for.  

The two world wars proved that people are prepared to sacrifice. It further proved that a crisis brings people together. Now we have real crisis and manufactured crisis, but we have to work out which is which by ourselves. You may have noticed before the current permanent crisis that we would have a new crisis every few months. It would become the most important topic in the world and then it would fade away. 

But I can't help thinking that the current permanent crisis, Covid, shares a lot in common with two other permanent crises, Mass Immigration and Climate Change. All share the idea that unless we support this we are holding back the future, that we are all in this together, when in reality it divides us. Further it is always about us the people giving up power and control and the government gaining more of both.

If you oppose mass immigration you are portrayed as someone who isn't a team player. The language that is legitimate in a real crisis is used as if this manufactured crisis was the real thing. This is for the good of the country, for the good of us all. Unless we have mass immigration then how will we be able to survive in the future?

Of course only one answer, their answer, is allowed. 

We see all of these arguments being used in support of the Covid crisis.  

Climate change also uses all of these arguments, but it adds a few of it's own. It isn't just the country that is at stake but the future of the entire planet. Every person on Earth is at risk, rich people and poor people. Even the poor animals, the coral reefs and don't forget the plants. This is a Catastrophe, a world ending event. Stop being selfish and help those who care end climate change!

Why is it that we cannot adapt to climate change?

That answer is never the correct one, no, the only answer allowed is their answer. Whereby the government gains more power at our expense.     

So much of the climate change argument is at odds with itself. Our level of technology and our consumer lifestyles are apparently to blame, but have you seen a decrease in advertisement to discourage this type of lifestyle?

Tariffs to stop imports?

You may however have noticed the hypocrisy of people living in big houses, driving big cars and travelling in big jet airliners, telling everyone else about how bad climate change is. How you need to make sacrifices, but for them it's more about being virtuous.

The contradictions are part of it's appeal, it divides the righteous from the unbelievers. This "affects everyone" is also a weapon of division.   

Now we come to Covid, just as we seem to think that things are starting to become sane, we find that insanity is the order of the day. The flu has largely disappeared and Covid has appeared. We are told that we need 70% of the population vaccinated. We are told that we need zero cases. We are told that lockdowns, masks and travel restrictions are all sane responses. But as with climate change and mass immigration, the contradictions are all part of the package. Who is on their side and who isn't?

The health threat is tiny for the total population, like all diseases there are people who are very much at risk and others who aren't. However common sense is not welcome. I have tried telling people that in Australia in 2019 an average of 434 people died everyday. Which means that we have suffered less than 3 days worth of deaths from Covid in 20 months. But these people aren't interested. They have chosen a side and it ain't our side, to be far it isn't even their side. But they chose it anyway.

None of these things are about the issue that they pretend to be about. They are all about finding out who is in and who is out. It's all about who is virtuous and who isn't. It's about dividing us so that we can be controlled while calling for unity. 

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  1. It's all about who is virtuous and who isn't.

    Yes. I think that when you have democracy and mass media you are going to have an endless succession of crises. It's just the nature of democracy and mass media.

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