Saturday, 11 September 2021

The One Hundred and Second Month

 Here I go for the second time, I had to delete the first as things that were easy in the old interface are still impossible on the new. 

I had 2,440 visitors to the blog in the last thirty days. My best day was the 22nd August when I had 170 visitors, my worst day was the 8th September when I had 38.

I have been blogging for 8 1/2 years and at this time of year I give out the top 10 most read posts. This list is different from what is on the left of the front page, I believe the reason for that is that the list on the left is weighted towards more recent visitor numbers. While the list I will provide is not. Listed below are the top 12, the numbers in brackets are the number of times they have been clicked on.

(7139) What do Traditional Conservatives Believe?

(4525) Free Trade Versus Protectionism

(4236) What is More Important, the Past, the Present or the Future?

(4216) Why Don't the Poor Marry?

(3961) Why do Conservatives believe in different social classes?

(3452) If You Need To Lie

(3146) The Balanced Society

(2891) Feminism, Why we are not Feminists

(2717) The Problems of Monarchy

(2518) Housewives, Good for the Economy and Society

I will include the numbers for this month in a separate post.

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