Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Is Wokeism Anti-Liberal?

Over at DforDooms website he has posted the following:
Wokeism and Social Justice are not liberal ideologies. Quite the opposite. If liberalism is about having the freedom to make choices then Wokeism and Social Justice are very definitely not liberal.

Which at first sight seems like a reasonable statement to make, but I don't think it is. It is instead to confuse the part with the whole. 

Liberalism has always talked about choice and freedom, that people are held back by choices made by other people or by circumstances. People didn't have the freedom to become Protestants because the Catholic Church stopped them. Men couldn't have multiple partners because their marriage vows held them back. If people were freed from these constraints then they would be free to make their own choices. Freedom and choice were so interconnected that they were inseparable. 

Liberalism couldn't exist without these twins.

But that is to confuse aims with tactics, freedom and choice were not aims. The aim of Liberalism was to create a new man, one that was self made, unconnected to the past and therefore able to create his own future unrestrained. The question was how do you get there?

Freedom and choice were tactics or techniques, a way to turn one thing into another, not the objective itself. But it has been talked about for so long that people, Liberals and non-Liberals alike have taken it to be the aim. However Liberalism has always believed that secretly everyone is a Liberal. In their hearts they wouldn't be able to stop themselves from supporting Liberalism once they were exposed to it. They also believed that reality itself could be twisted into whatever shape they wanted. That both people and events were destined to be controlled by them.

In the real world people do support a lot of what Liberalism wants, but it is a rare person who supports everything. That leaves Liberalism with a big problem, how does it keep things advancing in the right direction?

It has come so far that many think that they can see the endpoint. That the perfect Liberal society is just over the horizon and that all they need is a supreme effort and then everything will be right with the world. But they keep encountering resistance, people who just are not on board. They also keep encountering reality, but like people they believe that they can overcome any resistance from reality. They looked for an answer to how to overcome this resistance and they have found the answer. A new tactic, a new technique. 


Liberalism has given people freedom and choice, why haven't they gotten on board?

Why are they still resisting?

How can any reasonable person resist the perfect society?

Evil people, bigoted people, religious and/or political fanatics, the reprobates. To clear up this resistance you cannot be nice or gentle. Freedom and choice has gone it's work. When all that are left are those who fight against a perfect world, then new tactics are required. Wokeism is not about freedom or choice, it is about following the program. It's about creating the new man, the Autonomous Individual, the perfect Liberal. That is why they celebrate Transgenderism. A new person, one that was self made, unconnected to the past and therefore able to create his own future unrestrained. 

It's not anti-Liberal, it's not a new Liberalism, it is the same old Liberalism doing what it has always done. Destroying the past and the future to create it's vision of the present.

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