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Setting Up a Conservative Group

In this Liberal world a big problem for Conservatives is what should we do?

Well I think the time for doing nothing is over, people have to become active, the question is how active?

The best way to get started is to join or even start a Conservative group in your area. While it can seem quite daunting to do such a thing, once you commit to the idea it's not. Now I'm not saying it will be easy, it can be frustrating. It is also great to know that you are not alone in your beliefs.

When the Melbourne Traditionalists first met, there were only two people and we didn't get a third person for six months. Do not be afraid of starting small, if there are two of you it's enough to start.

Another issue people have is where to meet? If the group is less than 5, I suggest meeting in a public place, a bar or restaurant. As long as everyone can sit together and there aren't too many distracts, such as a big screen TV or it being too noisy to talk. You do not want a presenter, it should be informal and social. Talk over a meal and let people get their frustrations with modern life out.

If there are more than 5, I suggest getting a private room. Now most people are worried about cost which is a reasonable thing to worry about. But most places have quiet days, Sunday and Monday, day or night, are normally quiet. The Melbourne Traditionalists for example, meet in a private room at a hotel for free because we bring in money in drinks and meals that they otherwise would not get. Less than 5 and it probably isn't worth it for the venue to give you the private room.

Also remember to be courteous and friendly to the staff, it is amazing how much this helps. However if you feel restricted in what you can talk about find another venue.

Recruiting is always an issue, I use my blog and Mark Richardson over at Oz Conservative also puts out notices. There are three main ways of recruiting people:

1. via the internet
You can set up a website that lets people know that you exist, to do this cheaply you can use Blogger or Wordpress. I know of one group that started by going through the comments of a blog to find any reference to their hometown and then contacting those people. Time consuming, but it worked!

2. Leaflets
Write up a short description of your group and print out leaflets, put them on noticeboards and do letterboxing. Putting them into peoples letterboxes. Remember to include some way of contacting you, I suggest either via your website or an email address.

3. In Person
When you meet people in real life find out what concerns them. It really depends upon your personality and the circumstance, if your the kind of person who is a people person then ask people about various issues. See if you can recruit them, but be careful not to be too eager. If your not a people person I wouldn't try this at all.

Another important concern is security, meeting in a bar or restaurant they will either have their own security or they will have experience with unruly customers. But you also need your own internal security.

Be fussy!

It is very important to be fussy, you can have a big group if you let anyone join. However you will soon find that people who have nothing in common with you will want to join. Don't let fussy!

The best way is to meet with any new candidate privately, have a meal together or a coffee. Find out about what they believe, personally if someone I meet likes Ben Shapiro, their out. Have standards and stick to them. If you let in people who are "conservatives" but not Conservatives it will destroy your group, keep it to people who are on your side. People who are "conservatives" are in reality Liberals, you don't need them.

It is also important that you do not give out your personal information, which is why a website and email is good. Do not give out your person address or telephone numbers. I would also only let members know when and where you meet.

95% or so of people interested in politics are men, but when a women does turn up it can complicate matters. Men take notice of women and women like to be noticed, it's no ones fault but it will change the dynamics of your group. I am not saying keep women out, I am, however saying it is not unreasonable to do so. One failed romance can destroy a group, sadly I have seen it happen.

One final point is money, make sure everyone pays their own way, do not allow a situation where you are left to pay the bill.

A Conservative group is a great way to find and connect to like minded people. Too often it can seem like we are all alone and that no one else shares our values or ideas. It's not true and by forming groups we can help to start the process of moving out of cyberspace and into the real world.

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  1. " But you also need your own internal security."

    How so very sad you even HAVE TO think about security but it is a must.