Tuesday 31 August 2021

Everyone's a Liberal!

 I've written about this idea before, but I think it bears repeating in a post of it's own. Over the years I have encountered people who are intelligent, knowledgeable in many areas, even important, and extremely dedicated to Liberalism and it's values. But it became clear to me at some point that they didn't understand Liberalism, their view was of a general nature, it had never occurred to them to question or to look deeper. Which meant that it was pointless to continue, as you cannot reason someone out of a position that they never used reason to get to.

But I also encountered a second type of person, when confronted with the evils of Liberalism. With it's aims of destroying what exists today, our country, our society and our civilization, they agreed. They not only agreed but they smiled, they were even pleased that someone else understood. It didn't matter that I disagreed with them, what mattered was that so few understood and that I was one of those in the know.

But why would they be so pleased that someone who opposed them understood?

Because Liberals believe that everyone is either a Liberal or wants to be. That the only reason that they are not a Liberal is because they haven't heard the right argument and once they do then they will be converted. They believe that the arguments in favour of Liberalism are so good that no sane person can resist them. 

However that isn't true and it blinds them to the reality that while they are winning, they will never win. Liberalism will destroy itself well before then.

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  1. We recently had an example in Afghanistan of the weakness of liberalism when it comes up against a more grounded opponent.