Monday 15 March 2021

No Welcome To Country

 Over the past decade in Australia a particular form of address has become popular at all kinds of events, the Welcome to Country. It is portrayed as being a celebration of Aboriginal connection to the land and it goes something like this.

"We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the (Aboriginal tribe) and their elders"

Until the 1970's this address did not exist at all and until the past decade or so was virtually unknown to most people. That is no longer the case as this address is now said in schools, at government meetings, in business conferences, on TV and at all kinds of festivals, even at commemoration ceremonies. I went to the Shrine of Remembrance to hear a lecture and the first words spoken were this. I attended a dinner of a Loyalist organisation and they had this. 

The exact length changes, certain words change such as "owners" sometimes it will be Guardians or Custodians. Traditional Aboriginal people do not own land, the land is their mother and they owe an obligation to take care of their mother. But it exposes the hollowness of this "acknowledgement", it is an invented tradition and the lie is put about that this helps to heal the rift that exists between mainstream Australia and Aborigines. Of course it does no such thing because it's not designed to do that at all. It is designed to put about the idea that "this is Aboriginal land, always was and always will be". A chant of the Left that does nothing to heal any divisions. 

Aborigines are being used to spread the idea that this country is illegitimate, that it was stolen. Sound familiar?

Yes it is familiar isn't it, the same old lie told around the world and people fall for it. Each time I have had the disgusting experience of hearing it the crowd sits in silence, like stunned mullets. Each time it fills me with disgust and anger. What's going through everyone else's heads?

As far as I can tell the days when Australians actually had a backbone are gone, it seems to me that no one complains and everyone just buckles under. Although looking overseas I see exactly the same thing. 

The truth is that I never need to be welcomed to my own country...actually no one does!

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  1. Schools and universities have a funding obligation that requires a commitment to Aboriginal Australian acknowledgment. Saying they do the Welcome to Country ticks this box. It also serves as a secular prayer. Christian prayer is frowned upon but such a sacrament is still a human necessity for many - the welcome to country takes its place. It is a white Australian tradition foistered onto Aboriginal Australia. They don't feel any cognitive dissonance about it as they are not cognitively equipped to do so.

  2. I dislike it most of all because it's just more cheap empty virtue-signalling. Another way for white liberals to feel good about themselves.

    Aboriginal people do face real problems and this kind of virtue-signalling does nothing whatever to help them.