Saturday 8 August 2020

Victoria, A State of Disaster

A week ago, on Sunday the 2nd August 2020 at 1:43pm the State of Victoria was declared to be in a State of Disaster. This was of course due to Covid-19. Between the start of February and the 2nd August, 123 people have died with Covid-19 in their body in Victoria. (


A State of Disaster basically means that the government can use all government resources, including financial to help to alleviate any disaster. Are we in a disaster?

In 2018 there were 158,493 recorded deaths in Australia, that works out to 434 deaths a day. 


As of the 6th August 2020, according to the official Australian government website there have been:

19,862 cases of Covid-19 in Australia

255 deaths with Covid-19 in Australia

11,112 people who have recovered from Covid-19 in Australia.

The median age of all cases is 38 years of age (0-106)

The median age of deaths is 82 years of age (33-103)

4,632,000 people have been tested in Australia.

The infection rate is 0.4%


So all of these restrictions are in place for a disease that has not caused even one days worth of deaths. To answer my own question, no we are not in a disaster. 

But that has not stopped Queensland from shut it's borders to the southern states.

But it is in Victoria that the full state of insanity can be found. Victoria is effectively a police state.

In Victoria it is forbidden to:

Gather with people, including family members, who you do not live with.

Most work places have been closed.

You need a permit from the government to go to work.

You cannot go to church.

A curfew exists between 8pm-5am each night.

You cannot travel more than 5km from your house.

Only one person is allowed to go shopping per household (children are allowed to go with them).

Masks are compulsory

Weddings are banned in Melbourne.

Funerals can only have 10 people attending.

What is the purpose of all this?

I keep hearing people talking about this all being part of a plan, a conspiracy. But why is it being so unevenly applied?

Every angle that you look at this from something isn't right. 

Public health?

This is a steep price to pay for a 0.4% infection rate. 

Maybe it's about destroying the economy?

Some big companies have done quite well out of all this. But nearly ever company has paid a price.

Maybe it's about destroying small business?

It might just succeed at that, whether it's part of the plan or not.

Maybe it's about making everyone dependent upon the government?

If so I have no idea how they are going to finance that. They night really believe that old chestnut that this time it's different (meaning the economy doesn't have to play by the old rules)..but it never is.

Although I did hear one idea that I thought might have some merit. Climate Change is always about giving the government more power and control. It's not even important if it's true or not, the answer is always give more power to the government. Isn't that what we are witnessing now?

Every question only has one answer. give the government more power as that is the only thing that can keep you safe. 

Is that the plan? Will it work?

If history is any guide, people go along with these things while they are occurring, but they tend to become cynical about them once they are over. 

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