Thursday 27 August 2020

How To Support Real Resistance

None of this is mine, I found it on Facebook and thought it had some good ideas that need to get spread around.

How To Support Real Resistance

1. Do not borrow money from banks, use cash only and stop using credit cards!

<stop giving them your money>

2. Learn to barter for goods!

<avoid using their money>

3. Shop at locally owned stores!

<keep your money circulating locally>

4. Avoid large corporate stores such as: Walmart, Costco or any other Chinese import store!

<the real cost of low prices from china is inflation of our currency>

5. Grow as much food at home as possible!

<window gardens, patio gardens, outdoor raised beds>

6. Buy used items instead of new!

<use local buy and sell classifieds and thrift stores>

7. Start a business producing real physical goods and sell locally

<become a productive member of your tribe, start small and grow>

8. Recycle old items

< recycling creatively saves money>

9. Avoid fast food stores

<fast food is corporately owned and low in nutrition>

10. Get everyone you know involved, especially those in your own neighbourhood, share your garden and get to know your White neighbours!

Signed; T.ME/ecofascist

There is some great advice there, even if I'm not an ecofascist. The only thing I would change is buying low cost from China costs us our own economy and future, not inflation. 

I would also add that even doing some of these things is better than doing none of these things. Everything that helps our cause is a good thing!

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