Monday 15 December 2014

Two Movie Reviews - For Greater Glory & Machine Gun Preacher

Two Movie Reviews - For Greater Glory & Machine Gun Preacher

Two very different movies about Christianity, that are both supportive instead of dismissive of Christianity.

For Greater Glory
This movie is set during the 1920's in Mexico during the Christero War. The Mexican Government at this time was very anti-clerical and sought to destroy the power of the Catholic Church within Mexico. To this end it placed many bans upon the activities of the church, including mass. It also expelled foreign born priests and bishops. Graham Greens famous novel, The Power and the Glory is set in Mexico during this time. The Chistero's were those who took up arms to fight against the Mexican Government and the movie is the "hollywood" story of that war. The movie is on the side of the Christero's, but it tells the story quite well. It also show's that both side committed atrocities and had victories and defeats. It is a decent, made for television movie of a piece of history I didn't know about and that I think is worth seeing. Even though it is recently made it has an old time feel to it, more adventure than war movie, although it does have battle scenes. I would give it 7 out of 10.

Machine Gun Preacher
This is a very different movie that also deals with Christianity. A true story about a white criminal who gets out of jail to find out his wife has stopped working as a stripper and has found God. That doesn't make him change his ways however, he is still a violent criminal and these violent crimes are shown in the movie. For the first 30 minutes or so this is not a story about God, but is instead a story about violent crime. Then he finds God and changes his life around. In real life it took years, in the movie it happens within minutes. Then he goes to Africa to help build and he see's how bad things are there. Back in America he becomes a Preacher and starts a church. Goes to Africa and starts an orphanage and he fights against the Lords Resistance Army (let by a man called Kony, who you might remember a bit of a fuss was made about a few years ago). Hence the name Machine Gun Preacher, he's not called that because he talk's very fast, he fights with a machine gun!

This movie is really heavy going and deals with alot of very serious issues. It is very violent and it doesn't hold back. The only movie about Christianity to come close to it in terms of violence is The Passion of the Christ. But it is quite an interesting story, it's not boring and it makes sense. If you like or can handle violent movies I would recommend it. Like the movie above I would also give it 7 out of 10.

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  1. About Christeros, have you watched the movie about Father Pro? I wrote about it on my blog. It was a very touching story.

  2. Dear Sanne

    No I haven't seen it no, I also couldn't find the article on your blog. Would you be so kind as to put the link up?

    I think you will enjoy For Greater Glory if you haven't seen it already.


  3. Dear Mark, here is the link:

    I don't care much for the modern Hollywood productions, but may be I'll make an exception for this one:)