Sunday, 3 February 2019

Is There An Electoral Way Out of This?

It is not uncommon to see someone write in a comment section that "there is no electoral way out of this!". I wonder if that is true. Certainly there is a part of me that believes that, however I am torn on this issue. Is Civil War the only option we have?

As I said in the broad front strategy elections are one area where we must fight, but not the only area. We need to fight on a number of different fronts. Elections being one of them. People rightly point out the difficulties, that we will be vilified, that demographics are moving against us and on and on the criticisms go. As I said they are right, but my question is what else are you doing to fight back?

If you are simply complaining then thats not enough, you and I need to be doing things to fight back. After all this problem is not going to fix itself. The problem with elections is two fold:

1. Candidates

2. Ideology

Currently most people who call themselves Conservatives are in reality Right-Liberals. They support Liberalism, but they want to implement it slowly. So simply voting for the approved Conservative candidate is not enough. Liberalism cannot defend you from Liberalism. So that means that the candidate is important. Support candidates and support the one furthest to the right, in each election. Don't vote for Liberalism if you can avoid it.

If we have people in Parliament then we can challenge Liberalism. We if have a small group in Parliament then we can seriously start to set an agenda.

Just think how things would be if we controlled the government!

If we we the government and we controlled Parliament by one vote then we could stop things from getting worse and we could put forward our plans for the future. Change the language.

If we controlled a large majority we could start to reversed Liberalism and put in place a Traditionalist agenda.

But to do any of that we need to start with candidates. Find a candidate to support or become a candidate. Fighting is the only option we have.

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  1. No. With mass immigration and anti-White policies, there is no way out

    They are electing a new people to undermine your vote and the implication of democracy--- namely that people will use peaceful debate and voting in place of force and violence to defend their interests.

    It is always ethical to defend your interests and right to freedom.

    So undermining the democratic process and the right to have your wishes enacted in policy is hostile action and a denial of the wish to negotiate peacefully.

    Its great for the opposition if you take a long time to realize this.

    1. Cecil Henry

      My question to you is what are you doing to fight back?

      My second question is how do you justify your defeatism?

      My third question is what is wrong with trying to defend us?

      Never support defeatism...fight!!!!!!

      Mark Moncrieff

  2. Good article. Lets fight together.