Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Who's Baby Should You Save?

Imagine that you are in a flood and two babies in baskets float near enough for you to reach them for a split second. Each will be out of reach quite soon and you know you only have time to rescue one. One of the babies is your own children and the other you have never seen before. The question is do you save your own child or someone else's child?

There is only one correct answer!

Humans are the only creature capable of going against it's own nature. Most creatures are incapable of going against their nature, a small number of animals can be trained through fear or with food to do something they do not do in nature. But as soon as that fear or food is removed it reverts back to nature. But as I said humans can pervert their nature and it's not hard for us to do.

The answer is that you must always save your own child.

To do anything else would be unnatural, even through it would be a tragedy to know that someone else's baby was in such danger. If you did not save your own child, but instead saved the second child you would be a monster!

A monster is a creature that is unnatural and by such an action you would prove that you were unnatural.

Why is it that our government likes to save other peoples babies at the expense of our babies?

Why is it that government loves them more than they love us?

Why is it that money is more important than us?

Because we are ruled by monsters!

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