Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Morrison and Immigration

Scott Morrison is now Prime Minister of Australia and immigration is, like everywhere in the Western world, a big issue. Mr. Morrison was even Immigration Minister for a time, so unlike most people who get to the top he has a good idea of the reality out there. The question is how does this affect him as Prime Minister?

On the 17th September 2018, a week ago, Mr. Morrison announced a Royal Commission into aged care in Australia, interestingly part of it involves immigration. In the words of Mr. Morrison "a sociocultural demographic bubble coming through on the make up of the population" "This is the first time when you are seeing more Australians from different ethnic backgrounds coming into the aged care sector than you've ever seen before" "When you are suffering from dementia, often you revert back to your childhood." "And you've spoken English your entire working life in Australia and all of a sudden you've gone back to speaking Greek, or Italian, or Arabic, or Chinese, whether it's Mandarin or Cantonese, whichever." "And so the system has to deal with that too."

Looks like all that talk about how the immigrants were going to help our aging population may not be quite true!

In fact they now need help as they age.....and that they are now a burden on us and our aged care facilities. Well everyone on this side of the aisle always knew this, but it is good that an Australian Prime Minister also knows it.

Maybe he will be good for cutting immigration!

Not so fast!

You see there was a second article released the same day, Prime Minister Scott Morrison exposes Australias big Immigration Myth. So whats the myth? Best to hear it from Mr. Morrison's lips.

'In an exclusive interview with, Mr. Morrison struck a very different tone. He identified a pervasive myth at the heart of the immigration debate - that permanent migrants from overseas are the biggest strain on Australia's infrastructure. He said temporary migration and natural population growth, caused by the people who already live here having children, were far more significant factors. "I've never bought this idea that the permanent immigration intake is the thing fueling population growth. Because it's not borne out by the actual maths." Mr. Morrison said. When it comes to population growth at the moment, there are 10 extra people have got on the bus. Just over four of them are temporary migrants. Just under four of them were born here, a natural increase. And only two of them are permanent migrants."

So lets get this straight, 10 new people get on a bus, 4 were born in Australia, 4 are temporary migrants (who may or may not leave) and 2 are permanent immigrants. So we know straight away that 60% of the population increase is from immigration. Ohhh thats right he said permanent immigration, but when I get on the bus what I experience in real life is 6 migrants, not 4. Also migrants, whether they are here for a short time or a long time, use the infrastructure. They also take up real space on that bus, they have an effect and for Mr. Morrison to pretend they don't is not good news.

Also how many of those born in Australia are really Australians? How many are the children of immigrants? An additional part of the population shell game they try to play with us.

The interview continues:

'Meanwhile, smaller cities such as Adelaide were simply "crying out" for more immigration not less. "The idea of average population growth is about as helpful as average rainfall. It has the same practical meaning," he said. "You can have high levels of population growth that are actually being quite unhelpful in terms of whats happening in the economy, or social cohesion. You can have high levels of it, which if it's all pretty much skills based and everybody's in a job and it's focused on regional areas, it can be quite suitably absorbed." '

Adelaide is crying out for more immigration, lets be quite frank absolutely no where is crying out for more immigration, and that includes regional areas. Mr. Morrison is a Right Liberal and there fore he thinks that economics is the be all and end all of existence. He thinks that it is possible to have an ideal economy, as long as everyone plays their part correctly. It is pure nonsense. He thinks that if we bring in enough skilled migrants then we I don't know what. But apparently the 800,000 unemployed in Australia cannot be trained, or maybe it's the 800,000 over educated graduates that cannot be trained. Skilled migration is a lie that we have been told too many times.

If Mr. Morrison wants to win the next election he needs to made a big cut to immigration. So far all I see is more of the same.

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  1. Filipino heath care workers are a world wide phenomenon. Especially for the nursing home industry.