Monday, 25 July 2016

The Myth of Skilled Migration

Too often I see people online praise Australia's Skilled Migration Program and from a distance I can understand why they do so, but up close it looks very different. Here I am going to show why it's a lie.

The Australian Governments Migration target for 2016-17 is 190,000, just as it has been for the past four years. That means that within a decade Australia will have 2,000,000 Immigrants, thats quite a lot in a population of 24,000,000. We are being swamped and our Parliament wants it that way. But one of the ways it has managed to keep the idea that we need more immigrates is the Skilled Migration Program.

The program works like this, foreign people who wish to live in Australia must have a skilled that is required in Australia. So your an Iranian Dentist and you want to live in Australia then you can apply to move to Australia because you have a skill that is required in Australia, Dentistry. Of course what they don't tell this Iranian Dentist (an actual man I once meet) is that he must be qualified in Australia. Of course his degree was from Iran so now he must spend years and lots of money to become qualified in Australia. It would have been better for everyone if he had been told this while he was still in Iran.

But the list of skills change, they need Dentists, then Welders and then another skill. What it is, is a wishlist consisting of short term needs, but once they are here it is up to them whether they stay or not, not up to us.

Meanwhile in Australia we have hundreds of thousands of unemployed, currently around 600,000. We have another 1,300,000 students at Australian Universities, 300,000 of which are International students. Now if we add the unemployed to the number of Australian students that means there needs to be 1,600,000 jobs created within 4 years, in the last quarter Australia created 7,900 jobs!

Assuming that all of those International students go home, but a major reason many come to study at an Australian University is so that they can claim Permanent Residence and live here permanently. Many of these International students become Taxi-Drivers and Security Guards. Jobs that are quite capable of being done by unemployed Australians, but when you have been studying for 13 years and you've been told constantly that you shouldn't settle for just any job who wants to do those jobs?

So we have a situation where the taxpayer pays to over-educate students so that they feel that ordinary jobs are beneath them so then foreigners are brought in to push wages down and to keep our unemployment high. Working class jobs are then further eroded by being sent overseas or by forced diversity. In recent years temporary workers have been brought to replace Australians and we are told they will be paid Australian wages. We know that isn't true and even if it was it wouldn't be good enough.

Further up the job market the more educated you are the more you must compete with the skilled migrate. Why should an Australian have to compete for an Australian job with a migrate, any migrate?

Australia imports Doctors, why does Australia import Doctors?

Shouldn't a rich country like Australia be exporting Doctors?

We train Australians to be Doctors at great public expense and then import Doctors from overseas. How much sense does this make?

When people think of skilled migration they think of very high tech jobs that are very scare in Australia, but that is simply not true. We have plenty of Doctors and Nurses and if we had a shortage we could train more, we have everything that is require to do. We don't need foreign Welders, Plumbers or Labours, we have plenty and if we need more we can have everything we require to make more.

There is simply no requirement for immigration when we have a large training and education sector AND mass unemployment. Our loyalty should be to our own people not to foreigners.

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  1. The idea was for foreign students to go home when they finished their studies. But they do not do so.


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    1. Dear Emily

      I have not had this problem at all. Sorry I could not be of more help.

      Mark Moncrieff