Wednesday 25 July 2018

Middle Class Welfare

We are all familiar with the idea of people working in Government jobs, we are also familiar with the idea of people not working for the Government. How familiar are you with people who both fit and don't fit into either category?

How can someone both work for the Government and not work for the Government? By working in a job that is Middle Class Welfare. For example Australia has a population of 25 million people and we have 50 Universities. Yes there is a University for every 500,000 people and that University sector employs more than 100,000 people. Nearly all of them Middle Class people.

We also have the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) who are like the BBC, taxpayer funded but not Government controlled. Multiple TV and radio stations all providing Middle Class Welfare. Ohhh we also have the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) who do all of the above but in support of Multiculturalism.

Like most Western countries we have mass unemployment along with mass immigration. To administrate this we have many Middle Class Welfare jobs. The unemployed only deal with the Government rarely, instead they deal with what is called the Job Network Providers. In theory they help the unemployed get jobs, in reality they do the day to day, face to face contact with the unemployed. These people have a vested interest in the unemployed staying unemployed, although they do get paid a bonus if someone gets a job. Who doesn't like a bonus? When it stops you from getting paid regularly.

It is amazing how many Charities get taxpayer money, it's amazing how many NGO's are taxpayer funded. Child care is another area with massive taxpayer funding. As is Aged Care.

One of the biggest Middle Class Welfare recipients is so pervasive that many think it is the natural order of things. I'm talking about Education, both public and private. Teachers and all of the modern hanger on's all cost a massive amount of money. Now Primary School might be needed, but do people really need 12 years of schooling? I'd argue that the answer is no, most people do not need 12 years of schooling. So why do we pay for it? To give Middle Class people jobs.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the Middle Class having jobs, I am however against these fake jobs. Jobs that we don't need done being done by people on good wages, sometimes very good wages. Wages paid for by you and I. Okay some of these jobs do need to be done, but why are we lied to about them? Why do so many people who are paid by the tax payer think that they work in private enterprise?

Ending most or at least many of these jobs would sure go a long way to helping pay off our debt. But that won't happen because with these Middle Class Welfare most of the unemployed would be Middle Class women and no modern Government could support that. No better to lead us further and further into debt and misery.

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  1. Welfare and the welfare state is a huge business. Lots of jobs for people that like the government work with not a lot of requirements or goals you have to meet as in the private sector. Welfare bureaucrats are a life unto themselves.