Sunday 8 April 2018

The Problem of South African Immigration

Recently South Africa's Parliament has said that it will begin confiscating farms from White farmers. This has attracted quite a bit of attention outside of South Africa and quite a bit of condemnation. It is clearly a rejection of the peace that was achieved at the expense of Apartheid. The murders and attacks on White farmers have been a scandal for decades, it is easy to forget that Apartheid ended a quarter of a century ago. We have already seen the failure that is Zimbabwe and now South Africa's government seems hell bent on repeating that mistake.

However everyone seems to have jumped to a conclusion that is not necessarily obvious. That just like in Zimbabwe, the Whites of South Africa will simply leave. Maybe thats true, maybe they will all leave or be forced out. It's no secret what will become of South Africa if that should come to pass. But it's not the most obvious outcome. In fact that, apart from mass murder, is the extreme answer. 

I want White South Africans to remain in South Africa, I do not want South Africa's heritage to vanish from the Earth. And that will be what happens if Whites leave. All of their history will slowly fade away. It will not survive, neither Boer nor English. I do not want that.

Of course the people matter, the murders are intolerable, the rapes, assaults, robbery are all wrong and the worst part of it all is the injustice. South Africa's Whites are not the only Whites to suffer injustice at the hands of their own government, but currently they have it the worst. I must admit that I find myself conflicted. On the one hand I understand and sympathise with the idea that Whites should be safe and if they cannot be safe in South Africa then they should immigrate. However I also don't want Australia to have any immigration. In regards to South Africans I have some particular issues.

The Afrikaners are republicans, you might meet the odd one or two who isn't. But realistically why would I want a republican people to come here and tip the balance away from our Monarchy? I do not see any benefit in republicanism and I do not see them becoming Monarchists. It's a bad fit.

The other White group in South Africa are the English, so called because their primary language is English even if they aren't, although most are ethnically English. Are they Monarchists? I don't see much sign of it, but the real problem with this group is that so many are SJW's, Social Justice Warriors. The sad truth is that we already have our own population of SJW's and we really don't need another countries. You can see this in the United States, where people get sick of living in Democratic run areas so they move to Republican ones. However they then set about turning their new home into the place that they just left.

The third problem is that once the Whites are gone that isn't the end. It will be an endless procession of South African immigrants. Asian, Coloured and Black, all refugees in as much danger as the Whites were. If we had any common sense we would not allow such a thing to occur......we all know common sense is gone. So we will import a problem we never had and never wanted, and a problem that the Whites came here to avoid.

The only way for this to work is for the Whites to stay in South Africa. Maybe it's time for sanctions again, maybe it's time for sanctioning the South African leadership, maybe it's time to start preparing for civil war, maybe it's time to create a separate White South Africa. Immigration is not the only option.


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  1. Confiscation without any compensation. SJW are mostly social injustice warriors.

  2. Mozambique 95 % of the arable land was not being tilled. Close enough for the White South African. Commercial farms too not subsistence.

  3. My understanding is that the Afrikaners don't necessarily want to leave, as it is their homeland and they are more willing than many Westerners in other lands to fight for it.

    I think the episode showed something else, and something rather encouraging. Firstly, it raises awareness of what our future as an ethnic minority might look like. Even if no white farmers move here, the issue has become national news. Secondly, the enormous enthusiasm for white South African immigration came only several days after several articles and TV programs about Australia's population policy. This seems like evidence of an emerging ethnic consciousness among white Australians. Sure, Afrikaners aren't Anglo-Celtics, but they're probably close enough, and we shouldn't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. The history of South Africa is of course complicated, but I don't blame them for being republicans, considering the way the UK threw its African colonies under the bus.