Tuesday, 17 April 2018

How To Fight Back

Today I had a friend send me an email about how he, an Australian living in Australia, was welcomed to his own country multiple times in one day and how he and his colleagues had to watch a pro-refugee documentary. No where can we escape the politization of our lives. On the internet I keep hearing people complain that the West is lost, that Britain is lost, that Sweden is lost, that insert random country is lost. It's not enough to simply complain you also have to fight and far too many people complain when that breath should be used for fighting.

Here are some ideas that normal people can use to fight back.

I've already written about helping our own, if you have the power to hire someone then hire one of your own. Look after your own people, it's not rocket science. You don't need to be blatant about it, in fact it will be easier for everyone if you simply do it without any fanfare. Simply look for reasons that support your decision, instead of looking for reasons to not hire that person.

Put your money where your loyalties lay. Support companies that support you and don't support those who don't. In general support smaller companies over bigger ones. Support companies that are run by your own and that hire your own. And don't support companies that don't hire your own. Today it is very hard to do this, but not impossible. In other words just because it cannot be done at all times does not mean that it can never be done. I know a Leftist who only buys Australian made, I know a Liberal who will one day be a Traditionalist who never buys palm oil products. It's possible.

Oppose new buildings
All new buildings, sadly, now support more immigration. There are many groups opposed to high rise apartments or who support heritage protections or who want to protect green spaces. Many of these groups are horribly Leftist, but sometimes the Left does good by accident. Here is a classic case of that, if you want to fight for our people but you still want to be invited to cocktail parties here's the way to do it.

Tell people how you feel
Are you sick of immigration? political correctness? homosexual marriage? global warming? trangender issues? Does anyone apart from you know that? You don't have to give people an hour long lecture, you can simply scoff every time you hear the lastest news story. One of the great issues that I have seen my entire life is that people on our side stay silent. If we spoke up more then others would feel less intimidated. We would not feel so alone. It is a bizarre thing but nearly every Conservative feels like they are the only sane person left in the world. But we are not alone, so why does it feel as if we are? Because people won't speak up....and we should.

Donate to causes
Can't speak up because that would put your job at risk? Have you donated money to any cause you support? I would encourage everyone on our side to donate money to people, organisations or causes that are on our side. They don't need to be perfect, they don't need to believe 100% of the things that you believe. Big or small try to help if you can.

Join causes
Don't just sit at home lamenting the fall of the West, do something to stop it. Join cultural groups that keep alive Western traditions. Join local issue groups. Join the Melbourne Traditionalists or some other such group. But don't sit home, get out there and join causes.

Create your own group
Myself and Mark Richardson created the Melbourne Traditionalists, just two men. Thats all it takes, if you want to Set up a Conservative group heres how.

Write letters
Write letters to the editor, newspapers still print them, write to politicians, write to Government departments, write to companies, write to organisations, write to Government bodies. Let them know that there is opposition to what they want. It doesn't have to be big, even a half page letter is good.

I haven't done everything on this list, but I have done quite a few. My point is that complaining is only good up to a point, defeatism is never welcome. If you have breath left to complain then you need to be doing more. Of course protect your job, of course protect your reputation, of course be sensible. But don't leave the fight to others do some fighting of your own.

This list is not exhaustive by any means, if you have any further ideas please put them below.

Don't give up hope, fight back!

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  1. All worthy ideas. # 1 perhaps keep your AUD within the community.