Monday, 30 April 2018

Who Do Your Children Belong To?

The freedoms that I grew up with are vanishing fast and most people are simply going along with it. Once parents were in charge of their own offspring and no one questioned that. Today the family is under attack as never before. Which now leads to the question, once unthinkable, who controls your children?

You or the Government?

Recently I was told of two cases were parents were investigated for child abuse.

1. A child has a seizure and is taken to a small local hospital by both parents. The medical staff decide that the child should go to a major hospital. The Father and the child go in an ambulance. They are investigated because the Mother did not go with the child. That's right they were investigated because the "wrong" parent went in the ambulance!

2. A child is taken by their mother to the hospital because they broke their arm. The medical staff believe that the break occurred earlier than stated. The child is kept in the hospital for two days and nights, the parent is also detained. The child is scanned to see if any other bones have been broken, none have been broken. The investigators want to carry out more medical tests to see what they can find. The other children in the family are interviewed.

Now some people will say, "if there is any doubt then we must investigate". To which I say no!

This is how our ancient liberties are being stolen from us by people arguing that it's always better to be safe than sorry. Investigations should take place because there is reasonable evidence that a crime has been committed. What an investigation should not be is a fishing expedition. A fishing expedition is were you keep fishing until you catch a fish, in other words you keep investigating until you find a reason to justify your investigation. You do not need to be charged, let alone be convicted, to be treated as if you are guilty. This is a classic case of the process being the punishment.

Are your children yours, are they community property, or are they the property of the government?

It's getting harder and harder to decide which is true.

When we said to government, that they should look after social welfare instead of the churches. When we said that the government that they should look after health care. When we said that they should look after childrens welfare. What we did was we gave them the power to interfere in our lives. And why shouldn't they? We told them to and besides they are the ones paying the bills. He who pays the fiddler calls the tune. You and I might provide the money but it's the government that pays it out. The government is busy taking away our ancient liberties one by one. Do not think that this is about protecting children, the real reason that this goes on is so that the government can consolidate power......all at our expense!

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  1. Very very true, the state is taking our freedom one right at a time.