Saturday 27 January 2018

Betrayal in High and Low Places

Yesterday, the 26th January was Australia Day. The day the First Fleet set up the first White settlement in Australia back in 1788, which is today the city of Sydney. So as you can see it's a pretty important date in Australia's history and today. So of course the Left decided to protest it, as they have done for a number of years now.

Just like the Confederate statues and Columbus, Captain Cook the discoverer of Australia has had his likeness vandalised. These people enjoy the benefits that these explorers provided and then complain that it wasn't done to their exacting standards. Standards that only apply to other people, never to themselves. As the old saying goes, if it wasn't for double standards the Left wouldn't have any standards at all. So they march and damn Australia and publicly state that they want this country to burn. They demand that we change the date, that Australia Day is really Invasion Day. But we all know that no date is acceptable to them, no matter what date it is. They hate us but they still insist that we respect them and that we remain loyal to them but somehow they never get around to respecting us, nor do they ever remain loyal to us.

But I have been wondering about whether it is worth celebrating Australia Day. I mean I did go to an Australia Day BBQ on the 26th. But still, the Australia that I loved is dying and I do not love this new Australia. Every year the Australian Government has citizenship ceremonies to make ever more Foreigners into paperwork Australians. On the 26th that number was 13,000, in one day. That isn't worth celebrating. I'm sick to death of Immigration, of foreign faces everywhere I go. That isn't worth celebrating. I was disgusted that 8 million Australians voted for homosexuals to marry, it has affected how I see the entire country, how I see my countrymen. Maybe I'm naive, maybe I'm stupid but I always thought that underneath it all Australians had commonsense, that they could see through this rubbish. I didn't think we would win the vote, but to see that half the population was really that stupid was heartbreaking. Only 1 in 3 voted against and many of those were foreigners, it really has affected how I see my country. That isn't worth celebrating.

I recently had a family member introduce me to his Asian girlfriend, he knows my views and yet he still thought that he could force me to approve. I do not approve and I am not going to pretend to approve. Two of my friends sided with him over me, so thats 1 relative and 2 friends down this year alone. I was told that my opinion was unacceptable and that I was a Nazi. Apparently only Nazi's believe White people should be with other White people, or is it that I think Asian women should have Asian boyfriends that makes me a Nazi? Don't answer the question because I don't care.

From Government to family, it's betrayals all round.

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  1. I remember a few years back being the butt of the joke in my family because I openly disapproved of my cousin dating a Chinese guy. I wasn't the only one who disapproved, just more open about it.

  2. They demand that we change the date, that Australia Day is really Invasion Day. But we all know that no date is acceptable to them, no matter what date it is.

    Yep. They are using Aborigines, as per usual, to hammer away at their own tradition.

  3. I saw pictures of people waving posters saying "Black and Deadly" and others demanding violent revolution against their own government.

    A sane society would lock up these Communists.

  4. In 20 years that guy's potential Hapa son will hate him, if he isn't cleaned out by a divorce yet.

    If Westerners want to marry an Asian woman, they will be better off outright moving to an Asian country and assimilating into their culture.

    Some might say that foreigners don't assimilate when they immigrate to the West. That isn't true. They quickly learn and imbibe the language of Liberal ideology unless they are from an Islamic Sharia culture. The Muslims merely make temporary use of liberalism.

    1. Those lads that recently brought back the hard-to-treat VD from Thailand might have a thing or two say about the Oriental girl friend.