Saturday, 24 June 2017

Police and the Patriot Movement

On Sunday 25th June 2017, tomorrow, there is going to be a Patriot Pride Rally in Melbourne Australia, barring any unforeseen event I'm going to be there. Two weeks ago I attended a BBQ held in a public park in which about 50 Patriots attended and around 25 Police also attended although the Police invited themselves. Due to the behaviour of the Police on the day I have made a formal complaint to Victoria Police. Since then a few things have been revealed that show how the Patriot Movement in Australia is thought of by both the Police and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation also known as ASIO.

At the BBQ on the 11th June the Police were openly filming everyone and taking down names. I was searched to see if I was carrying any weapons and then they decided to search me to see if I had any drugs on me. I didn't, it was a fishing expedition to see how naughty we were. The area where the BBQ was held had even been assigned a status as a "Designated Area" which means that Police can search you simply for being in the area. Remember that the BBQ was held in a public park. 

Now the organizers of the various rallies co-ordinate with the Police before each rally. The rallies are not spontaneous they are highly organised. To co-ordinate withe the Police means that the Police know the people running the rallies. So why are they filming people attending a BBQ?

I have also been told of ASIO contacting various people to find out their thoughts. Blair Cottrell who runs the United Patriots Front, who run many of the rallies, said this week on Facebook that ASIO had asked to meet him and that he did in fact meet with them. Then he was told in a phone conversation with a senior Victoria Police Officer, that the reason he was constantly being banned on Facebook was because ASIO had asked Facebook to restrict his assess to the platform. The link above is to a video Mr. Cottrell put out in May before he knew this.

Things are becoming serious, the Victoria Police, the Australian Federal Police and ASIO are all involved in keeping track on the Patriot Movement. ASIO it seems is involved in restricting the Patriot message and the Police at every level regard us as a threat. I have said this before and I will say it again the Police have picked a side and it is not our side.

It is clear to me that they do not understand us but more importantly they do not approve of us. What do these well paid Government employees have in common with us? For them life is good, for them agreeing with diversity training can get them promoted and we threaten that. 

They know that we are angry and that most of us believe that things are getting worse not better. 

They know that we are becoming more organised. 

They know that we are growing and making more contacts. 

But one thing that worries them more than most is that most of us are not respectable middle class people. They don't know what to make of this, they think we are bikies or their like, but our purpose is serious. 

That is why we were checked for weapons (or was that just me who was checked?), but as all Patriots know we don't start fights we finish them. That is why things are getting serious because we are constantly being attacked. There is no where we can get away from this. That is not of our making but for the Police it is easier to pretend that we are the problem instead of accepting the reality that we are reacting to problems. 

Interestingly in the last few days Tommy Robinson has decided to sue Cambridgeshire Police for harassment. This is what we can start to expect as well. 

Things are getting serious.

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  1. Sad to hear but not surprising if you have followed what some police forces have been doing in England.

    Well done for making a formal complaint. I would be interested to know what the outcome is. It would also be interesting if you could post something about the event today at your site.