Monday, 1 August 2016

Why I have Unlinked from The Thinking Housewife

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided that I can no longer support The Thinking Housewife.   When I first started my blog I received a lot of support from the site and I have taken over a year to finally take this step.

We live in a world of lies, we are told that equality is real even though our own eyes show us it isn't. We are told that men can become women, or vice versa just by saying so. That diversity is our greatest strength. Lies all of them and that's a pretty short list. But not everything is a lie. There are absolute truths and Conservatives should not deny them.

Evil is real, both men and women are capable of performing great evil. They are capable of carrying out mass murder amongst other crimes. And it should not be the task of the Conservative to try and find or to make excuses for their evil. One theme that has become very repetitive and might I also say distasteful is the denial of such evil, evil  such as Sandy Hook. Please go to that link and have a look at the photo that has been posted.

No murders, no victims, no crime, all just a media event. As the last poster calls them "crisis actors". How comforting it must be to live in a world were everything is so organised, where crime and evil doesn't exist unless it has been organised by some secret committee. That conspiracies exist is not the same thing as letting us believe that there is only conspiracy. Because this idea that there are evil men and they don't commit evil acts unless they are directed by some secret committee is rubbish.

So is the idea that the Nazi's are only maligned because they lost, the reason they are so maligned is because they were mass murdering bastards. From Norway to Greece, from France to Russia mass murder was their standard operating procedure. To pretend that they are just misunderstood or innocent is perverse. Just as pretending that the Holocaust didn't happen. I guess all the Jews must have been invited to a big party by the King of Fairyland and they will wake from their slumber and rejoin us any day now. The reason there were less Jews around at the end of the war then at the start was because the Nazi's who blamed them for everything that went wrong killed them. It really shouldn't be that hard to understand, they hated the Jews, they had the power to kill them so they did kill them. No if's, no buts and no maybes!

911Dallas Police shootings, are all false flags, all organised by those secret committees. It's all too much and I know I'm not alone in thinking this. I have finally had enough and I will no longer be supporting this site, which is sad both because the site was once great and because of the help it once gave to me. But I have finally had enough.

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  1. Have you read any revisionist literature at all?
    Please do that before you denieing what they writes.

    1. Sadly yes and Revisionism and Conspiracy literature share a common trait. Evidence is regarded as evidence just as the lack of evidence is regarded as evidence.

      In both cases it is ad to see so much effort being wasted to no benefit.

      When I said we live in a world of lies I have no intention of replacing them with other lies.

  2. That conspiracies exist is not the same thing as letting us believe that there is only conspiracy.

    Agreed. I can understand how people get sucked into conspiracy theories but it's a dangerous path to go down. Very dangerous.

    What's most worrying is the way people believe in certain conspiracy theories that really are quite impossible once you give them a moment's thought. Like those people who think the moon landings were faked. That's a conspiracy that would require the participation of literally thousands of people. It could not possibly be kept a secret.

    If a conspiracy theory is less plausible than the accepted explanation then the conspiracy theory is pretty certain to be wrong. I'm a great believer in the principle that an explanation has to make sense, and if there are two alternative explanations the one that makes most sense is most likely the correct one.

    And there's also Occam's Razor - if there are two explanations for something go for the simpler one. Maybe that's what defines conspiracy theorists - they're the people who will instinctively go for the more complicated explanation.

    I think it's the same with revisionist history. If it actually provides a simpler and more plausible explanation of the known facts it's worth considering (which is occasionally the case). But if it provides a more complicated and less plausible explanation of the known evidence (which is usually the case) then it's probably nonsense.

    The worst problem is that conspiracy theory thinking leads to despair and fatalism.

    1. "The worst problem is that conspiracy theory thinking leads to despair and fatalism."

      You are absolutely correct!