Thursday, 4 August 2016

Game Versus Tradition

The Alt-Right and Traditional Conservatism are not the same thing, but each year we seem to get closer. We share many of the same complaints and even some of the same answers. One interesting area is Game, which has a very interesting history, some intriguing ideas and a way to go before it is really acceptable to Traditional Conservatives

Game is the idea that men and women are different and that men can understand (and seduce) women by studying what women really want instead of what they say they want. In short to trigger desire in women and to use that to the mans and possibly the women's advantage.

Now the above description starts off quite Conservative, with men and women being different, but it quickly drifts away. This is what makes Game so interesting, most of us are familiar with a Conservative group moving to the left but rarely does a Liberal movement move to the right.

Game started becoming a movement in the early 1990's as many young men came to a realization, they lived in a society that said sex was available everywhere but that was not the reality that they experienced. They wanted to know why and how to change it. They wanted their fair share of the unlimited sex that was supposed to be out there, in time they wanted more than their fair share. What they wanted certainly wasn't unnatural but it also wasn't very conservative, it was however very liberal. Here were Liberal men looking for what Liberalism had promised them in return for Feminism. That women would want sex just as much as men did.

A term you don't tend to hear now but which was very much in vogue in the 1980's, the SNAG, it stood for Sensitive New Age Guy. A man who was sensitive, empathetic to women, their needs and their emotions. Now that women were being encouraged to have their own careers and money they didn't need a masculine man, masculinity was out and in it's place women now needed a male girlfriend who they could have sex with. But what many Liberal men were finding out was that even though the media, the schools and many women themselves pushed this idea. Women found it a massive turn off, they wanted men.

At the same time came the Internet and here is where the movement came into being.  Men from around the world could ask others the same questions, they could try out techniques and find out what worked and what didn't. The aim for nearly all of this men was to pick up women, to be as promiscuous as possible. Very Liberal, nothing conservative.

But these men did learn things, they learnt that most women didn't say what they really wanted, that women test men constantly, that being masculine was best at attracting women, even when that masculinity was damaging. But the truth was that all of this behavour was damaging, it was about having sex and nothing more, still very Liberal.

But over time things began to change, this movement has been around for around 25 years now. It came to think beyond picking up women. It came to see that men should improve themselves, that while doing it to get women was a good way to start it was best when done for the mans own self improvement. That he should look after himself, learn skills and develop his knowledge. All good things. It began to reject a core value of Liberalism, that men and women are equal. For a group that started so solidly in the Liberal camp that is absolutely massive.

However there is still much that Traditional Conservatives such as myself and others find hard to accept. While we agree that men and women are different, we find it hard to accept the harsh criticisms that women attract. It is not that we do not find fault in women, as we are sometimes accused of, but that often women seem to have no redeeming features. However that simply is not true.

The movement has for some time talked about Patriarchy, about restoring men to a position of authority. But at this time they have misunderstood something that Traditional Conservatives and Spider-man do understand, that with great power comes great responsibility, some do understand it and in time I hope more do. But if men are to be restored to a position of authority, it also means a position of responsibility.

That a man should not care about how many women he has bedded but he should care about his legacy. In other words what has he done to build the future. In this article they talk about the 5 types of Alphas:

The Player
The Hobbyist
The Asshole
The Conqueror
The Alpha Provider

But to a Traditional Conservative only two pass muster, the Conqueror and the Alpha Provider, because these are the only two who will leave something behind. They are the only ones who will leave a legacy. Maybe the others will leave children behind, but illegitimate children who they probably won't know, see or provide for. To our mind that is no Alpha at all.

When a man is 18 picking up women is nearly irresistible, at 28 it still holds many attractions, but at 38 or 48 it has lost a lot of it's appeal. What will you legacy be? Will you leave a legacy? Will you contribute to the future of your people or will you be here today forgotten forever? After all how many men want to think that they will still be picking up women when they are 78?

I do however have hope, I read this article and it is just so close to a Traditional Conservative position. They aren't there yet but rejecting one of Liberalisms core beliefs is no small achievement. It is one area where I do hold out hope that something good will arise.

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  1. The most crucial insight is that what women want bears no resemblance whatsoever with what they say they want.

    And what I think is even more important is that women will never admit to this. It's not so much that they're dishonest - it's more that they've been so indoctrinated by feminism that they feel they're not allowed to be honest about what they want.

  2. This is a really good summary, well done! I'll try and comment on it later when I have more time, but I too have been pleased to see a movement that, while still flawed, has moved closer to us over time rather than further away.

  3. Hey, thanks for the link! Your explanation makes a lot of sense, about them starting as liberals and then moving more to the right. Gamers do tend to have adolescent minds, don't they? May be it's just that the internet gave a voice to all these "basement dweller types", but in my youth most guys didn't need an online guru to teach them about women. They quickly figured it out with trial and error:)